C4H340 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1

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SAP Commerce Cloud is a standard set of extensions and provides base functionality for building e-commerce solutions. This SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1 Course Training is designed to help the aspirants in understanding the basic functionalities and knowing the features of SAP Commerce Cloud Developer. You are eligible for this course if you are a software developer, software architect, and technical consultant.

Great opportunity to become a master of generating your custom storefronts is waiting for you. Multisoft Systems offers the C4H340 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1 Course Training to impart the basic functionalities and key concepts of SAP Commerce Cloud. Based on the B2C Accelerator, this course helps the aspirants in understanding the features to be implemented. Multisoft is carrying 18 years of experience in providing practical hands-on training.

C4H341 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Course Objectives :
  • How to code within SAP Commerce Cloud platform?
  • What are the fundamental technical aspects of SAP Commerce Cloud (on-premise and cloud version)
  • How to provide configuration for the SAP Commerce Cloud platform back-end?
  • How to build and deploy your solution to the Cloud?
  • Where to get the best practices and documentation for SAP Commerce Cloud?
  • Where to get additional information for SAP Commerce Cloud?
Target audience
  • Developers
  • Developer Consultants
  • Technology Consultants
  • Solution Architects
C4H341 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Course Prerequisites
  • This C4H340 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1 Course Training demands Intermediate knowledge in Java, Java EE concepts, and Java EE patterns. Plus, basic knowledge of Spring Framework is required to earn this practical hands-on training.
C4H341 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completing the C4H340 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1 Course Training.

Module 1: Overview

  • About this Course
  • SAP Commerce Platform and Accelerators
  • Architecture

Module 2: Installing SAP Commerce

  • Build Framework
  • Extension concept
  • Basic Configuration
  • Hybris Server
  • HAC, Initialization, and Update
  • Recipes
  • Spring in SAP Commerce
  • Exercise How-to
  • (Exercise) Class Setup

Module 3: Data Modeling

  • Introduction to the Type System
  • Collections & Relations
  • Deployment
  • Type System Localization
  • (Exercise) Data Modeling

Module 4: Scripting

  • Introduction
  • Scripting Tools

Module 5: Product Modeling

  • PCM
  • Product Modeling
  • Classification
  • Product Variants
  • Configurable Products
  • (Exercise) Product Modeling

Module 6: Impex

  • Overview
  • Syntax & Examples
  • Invoking
  • Scripting
  • Distributed Impex
  • (Exercise) Impex

Module 7: Flexible Search

  • Overview
  • Syntax
  • API Examples
  • Flexible Search alternatives
  • (Exercise) Flexible Search

Module 8: Services

  • Architecture of the Service Layer
  • Models
  • Interceptors
  • Platform Testing Environment
  • Transactions
  • ServiceLayer Direct
  • (Exercise) Services

Module 9: Cache
Module 10: Commerce Services & Facades

  • Commerce Services
  • Commerce Facades
  • Beans Generation for Facades
  • Conversion Process
  • (Exercise) Facades

Module 11: Validation

  • Data Validation Framework
  • Validation Service
  • Validation in Backoffice
  • Cockpit Integration
  • (Exercise) Validation

Module 12: Understanding the Accelerator Storefront (WCMS)

  • Storefront Management
  • CMS Model
  • Slots & Components
  • Request Flow
  • Personalization
  • SmartEdit
  • Website Links
  • (Exercise) WCMS

Module 13: SAP Commerce Cloud Portal

  • Introduction to Cloud Portal
  • Code Repository Connection
  • Code Repository Structure
  • Cloud Hot Folders
  • Build & Deployment

Module 14: Security

  • Basics
  • Type-Based Access Rights
  • Restrictions
  • Spring Security
  • Custom Access Rights
  • Additional Security Features
  • (Exercise) Security

Module 15: Creating an Accelerator-Based Site (WCMS)

  • Overview of Accelerator templates, extensions, and hooks
  • (Exercise) Creating an Accelerator-based Site

Module 16: SAP Commerce Cloud Know-How

  • Deployment & Maintenance
  • Logging & Debugging
  • Container Support
  • Integration Scenarios
  • GDPR
  • Knowledge Webography

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