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SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) facilitates integrating various business processes and data across on-premise and cloud applications. With the expanding size of businesses and the complex business operations involved, organizations have been feeling for long, the need for a robust integration platform to manage the various activities from a central point; SAP HANA Cloud Integration is a cloud-based technology that meets this requirement quite well. This technology enables the modern business organizations to seamlessly link and cross-link their heterogeneous systems and cloud applications to other SAP and non-SAP enterprise software, without the need for any coding. This technology is really in demand as it helps the businesses in serving their customers better, especially those organizations which also provide online shopping; as a matter of fact, the majority of organizations today are providing the online shopping option to their customers.

Needless to say, with high industry demand for SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI), the professionals proficient in this technology are also in demand. These professionals are offered lucrative pay packages by the organizations, provided the candidate has a good grip on this technology.

Multisoft Systems provide a comprehensive training course in SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) for the candidates aspiring to make a career in this promising field. The SAP HCI course offered by us will impart knowledge to the learners about important concepts like Processes in SAP HANA Cloud Integration, Prepackaged Integration with WEB UI, Supporting Processes for HCI, SAP HCI Adapters, and even more. Our industry-certified and highly-experienced trainers will dispel all your subject-related doubts and ensure that you gain confidence about the things learned during the course.

Target Audience
  • Application Consultants
  • Business Process Architects
  • Developers
  • System Architects
  • SAP Technical Consultants
  • Basic knowledge of Cloud Integration
  • SAP ABAP; not mandatory, but preferable

Introduction To Sap Hana Cloud Integration

  • SAP Cloud Integration Capabilities
  • Architecture Overview
  • Technical System architecture
  • Network Infrastructure
  • SAP Data Centers
  • Secure Communication

Integration Scenario

  • Integration Content Catalog
  • Consuming Pre-packaged Content
  • Configure Integration package
  • Modify prepackaged content
  • Prepackaged Content provided by SAP
  • Creating your own content package

Sap Cloud Tools

  • Web UI
  • Eclipse platform
  • SAP Cloud platform
  • SAP Cloud Connector

Design (Developing Integration Flow)

  • Camel’s Message model
  • Content enrichment
  • Data transformation and mappings
  • Content based routing
  • Working with lists
  • Asynchronous Message Handling

Message Converter And Decoder

  • MIME multipart messages
  • Timer-Based Message Transfer
  • Structuring of Large Integration flows
  • Message persistence
  • Working with Value mappings

Build Groovy Scripting And Exception Handling

  • SAP Cloud Adapters
  • SOAP Adapter
  • SuccessFactors Adapter
  • Mail Adapter
  • Twitter Adapter
  • OData Adapter
  • IDOC Adapter

Sap Cloud Integration Operations

  • Monitor Message processing
  • Manage Integration Content
  • Manage Security Material
  • Managing Certificate to user mappings
  • HTTP Adapter
  • SFTP Adapter
  • Ariba Adapter
  • Developing Custom Adapter

Sap Cloud Integration Security

  • Transport-level Security Options (TLS)
  • Message-level Security Options (MLS)
  • Data Protection and Data flow Security
  • Certificate based Communication
  • Private Key and Public Key certificate
  • Basic Cryptography
  • Authentication and OAuth scenario
  • User administration and Authorization

Sap Cloud Integration Enhancements

  • Transport Management
  • Payload monitoring
  • Trace Function
  • Hybrid Deployments

Real Time Business Scenarios

  • Build new interface for SFSF to SAP ERP HCM
  • Configuration in ERP HCM
  • Create new interface for SFSF to SFTP
  • Setting up Cloud integration with Cloud Connectors

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