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The SuccessFactors by SAP is one of the most advanced  technologies that can manage the entire HR lifecycle with ease. The  SuccessFactors Course is designed in a way that it makes the candidates aware of the importance of the configuration of Routing Maps, Performance Template, what is Talent Management, Approval Process, etc.

After completing SuccessFactors certification, the candidates would be able to:

  • Learn about implementing the SuccessFactors tools
  • How to implement Proxy Management, Import Foundation Data
  • Understand Foundational and Generic Objects
  • Understand what is Hire & Rehire, Termination & LOA process
  • What is Payroll Process, Global Employment, Business Rules, MDF- Meta data framework?
  • What are Employee Self Service & Manager Self service?
Target audience
  • SAP HR, HCM, and PeopleSoft consultants
  • HR Graduates / Post graduates
  • Recruiters
  • HR Domain experienced professionals
  • Developers / Programmers / Middleware tool consultants

Candidates with basic knowledge of HR practices can undergo SAP SuccessFactors Training.

1. Introduction to Mastery

  • History of SuccessFactors
  • SAP & Success factors Capabilities
  • SAPs Strategy for SAP ERP HCM and Successfactors
  • SAP & SuccessFactors –Deployment Models
  • SAP & SuccessFactors –Integration Options
  • SuccessFactors –Sales demo and Professional System Set up
  • SuccessFactors -Instance, Provisioning Systems explanation
  • SuccessFactors –Quarter Releases & Upgrade Center
  • Instance basic settings –Home Page and Navigation Menu options
  • Instance –Standard Tiles with Tile Browser functionality
  • Instance –Custom Tile Creation withText and Image loading
  • Instance –Custom Tile Creation with YouTube loading
  • Instance –User Groups Creation
  • Instance –Setting up Company Logo
  • Instance –Replacement text customization
  • Instance –Resetting user accounts or Passwords
  • Provisioning System -Basic company settings
  • Provisioning System –Language Pack Activation
  • Provisioning System –SF Applications Activation
  • Provisioning System –Super Admin Creation
  • Provisioning System –V11 & V12 Versions Set up
  • Provisioning System -Default Permissions& Role Based Permissions
  • Instance –Password Policies
  • Instance –Email Notification Customization
  • Instance –Theme Manager Customization
  • Instance –Proxy Management
  • Picklist Management –CSV Picklist & MDF Picklist
  • SuccessFactors –XML Basics & XML Tag Modifications
  • XML Pad & DTD (Document Type Definition) Set up
  • SuccessFactors Data Models Customization

2. Goal Management

  • Goal Management
  • Provisioning Settings for Goal Management Module
  • Goal Template Customization –XML Data Model & UI
  • Goal Template–Rating Scales Assignment
  • Goal Template –Route Map Assignment
  • Goal Template –Edit Categories
  • Goal Template Data Model –XML File downloading
  • Goal ID, GUID and SUBGUID
  • Goal Template –Add new goal
  • Goal Template –Goal Wizard
  • Goal Template –Copy goal from other plan
  • Goal Plan Template Options
  • Group Goals Creation
  • Goal Template –Import Goals
  • Goal Template –Mass Assign
  • Goal Alignment –Cascade Push
  • Goal Alignment -Cascade Pull
  • Goal Alignment –Cascade Link
  • Goal Template –Weight Rules
  • Goal Creation with Metric Lookup table
  • Goal Plan -Custom Calculations
  • Import/Export –Goal Library
  • Beta Goal Import
  • Goal Transfer between Users
  • Goal Management –Email Notification Settings

3. Performance Management

  • Performance Management
  • Provisioning Settings for Performance Management Module
  • Adding new template from Success Store
  • Managing templates
  • Performance
  • Template Customization
  • Performance Template –Rating Scales Assignment
  • Performance Template –Route Map Assignment
  • Integrating Goal Plan template with Performance Template
  • Core Competencies vs Job Specific Competencies
  • Configuration of Job Families and Roles
  • Performance Review Template Summary Section
  • Launching Forms
  • Performance Plan User execution as per Route Map
  • Performance Template –V11 vs V12 Comparison
  • Stack Ranker Configuration.
  • 360 Multi Rater Process.
  • Provisioning Settings for 360 Multi Rater Review Process
  • 360 Multi Rater –Route Map configuration
  • Perform Spell Check
  • Perform Legal Scan
  • 360 Multi Rater Template Customization
  • 360 Multi Rater Launching form
  • Detailed 360 Review Report
  • Blind Spot and Hidden Strength Report
  • 360 Multi Rater XML File modifications
  • Competency Section and Summary Section
  • Calibration Process -Provisioning Settings
  • Manage Calibration template
  • Manage Calibration Session
  • User Execution Process of Calibration

4. Employee Central

  • Introduction to Employee Central
  • Employee Central Structure.
  • EC –Foundation Objects
  • EC –Personal and Employment Objects
  • EC –MDF Objects
  • EC –14 Steps Implementation Sequence
  • EC -Provisioning Settings
  • EC -Setup Super Administrator
  • Data model Management
  • Setting up Corporate Data Model
  • Setting up Country specific Data Model
  • Setting up Succession Data Model
  • Setting up Country specific Succession Data Model
  • Enable Business Configuration UI (BCUI) in Provisioning
  • Business Configuration UI to Maintain Succession DM
  • Propagation Population vs Propagation Mapping
  • Setting up HRIS Propagation Data Model
  • Position Management-Position ID Generation
  • Business Configuration for Position ID Internal Assignment
  • Workflow Configuration –Role and User
  • Workflow Configuration –Dynamic Role
  • Workflow Configuration –Dynamic Group
  • Setting up Workflow Rules Data Model
  • ESS/MSS functionality –Address Change Scenario
  • Employee Central -Events and Event Reasons
  • Event Reason based Workflow configuration
  • Event based Workflow Configuration
  • Setting up Event Reason Derivation Data Model
  • Global Assignment/Country Transfer
  • Meta Data Framework
  • MDF –Parent Object and Child Object
  • MDF Picklist Creation and Customization
  • Creating and Modifying Associations
  • Manage Configuration UI
  • Configuration of Business Rule
  • MDF Object with Business Rule
  • Message Creation and Using in Business Rule
  • Writing a Business Rule with BCUI
  • Activating Role Based Permissions to MDF Object
  • EC Data Migration/Data Import Process
  • Import Foundation Data
  • Import Employee Data
  • Import MDF Objects Data
  • Mass Change
  • Provisioning Settings for Time Off
  • Manage Time Off –Creation of Holiday
  • Manage Time Off –Creation of Holiday Calendar
  • Manage Time Off –Creation of Work Schedules
  • Work Schedule Models –Simple, Period and Schedule
  • Manage Time Off –Time Account Type
  • Time Account Type with “Accrual” Business Rule
  • Time Account Type with “Seniority” Business Rule
  • Manage Time Off –Time Type
  • Manage Time Off –Time Type with Take Rule
  • Manage Time Off –Leave of Absence
  • Manage Time Off –Time Type Profile
  • Manage Time Off –Calendars Generation
  • Update Employee Profilewith Time Type Profile
  • EC Payroll –Default Portlets
  • EC Payroll –Payroll System Configuration
  • EC Payroll –Data Replication Monitor
  • EC -Online Report Designer (ORD)

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