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IBM tools are now playing vital roles in the market. IBM AS400 is globally known as IBM iSeries; it is used to work in distributed networks with small and medium enterprises. IBM aims to make AS400 a versatile server that can replace PC servers and web servers. As IBM AS 400 is one of the most reliable platforms, many enterprises are moving their large amount of digital business resources into the client/server model.

Multosoft Systems is an authorized training institute which is offering the IBM AS400 Training course with IBM certified trainers. Widely used in warehouses, java application development, and web serving, this training course is ideal for professionals who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their employment options.


Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:
  • GOT AS400 Corporate Training program AS400 ideas, ADTS, Query400, DB2/400, management Language (CL400), RPG400, OS400 Commands, RPG4, ILE ideas, and SQL400
  • The IBM IUser Interface
  • Varied things concerning virtual computing
  • Effective use of AS / 400
  • WebSphere/Java focus on the development
  • Using Data Areas, Source Entry Utility (SEU), and DDS for Display Files
  • The techniques of applying administrative skills to develop virtual computing
  • Enterprise technology support for AIX and Linux
  • Virtualization support for AIX and Linux
Target Audience:
  • Anyone, with java and distributed systems skills, who want to learn IBM AS400 is eligible for this course.
  • The participants should have basic knowledge of java programming language
  • The participants should have in-depth knowledge of distributed systems concepts

OS/400 System Concepts & Architecture

  • Overview of the system
  • General awareness of the AS/400 System
  • Libraries, Files and Members
  • Library list concept and related commands
  • Functions of OS/400
  • Architecture
  • ADTS (Application Development Tool Set)

DB2/400 (DDS Interface)

  • Overview of DB2/400 Concept
  • Externally Described files
  • Source Files
  • Physical Files, Logical Files and Join Logical Files
  • Field Reference Files
  • Database Integrity
  • Commitment Control and Journaling
  • Creating tables
  • Insert/Update/Delete Using SQL
  • Using cursors in RPG/400
  • Triggers
  • Report designing using RLU tool

CL/400: CL Control Programming

  • File Handling in CL/400
  • Handling Errors and Messages
  • Handling Data Areas
  • Handling Data Queues.
  • Overriding file Attributes and the Scope of overrides
  • Open Query File
  • String Operators
  • String Functions

RPG Programming (RPG/400)

  • Introduction to RPG/400
  • Specifications
  • Operation Codes
  • Subroutines
  • Data Structures
  • Tables and Arrays
  • Indicators
  • Built-in functions
  • RPG Logic Cycle
  • Sub Files
  • Load All Subfile
  • Page Load Subfile
  • Expanding Subfile
  • Exception handling
  • Database file processing(external/Internal)
  • Printing reports.
  • Program defined printer file and externally described printer file.
  • Embedded SQL Programming
  • RPG free format programming

ILE (Integrated Language Environment)

  • Introduction to ILE
  • Specifications
  • Advantages of ILE
  • ILE Program Concept
  • Module
  • Binding Directory
  • Procedure
  • Program
  • Service Program
  • Binder Language
  • Bind By Reference
  • Bind By Copy

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