CATIA V6 2013x - 100 Essentials for New Users Training

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CATIA V6 2013x - 100 Essentials for New Users Training Course Overview

The CATIA V6 2013x - 100 Essentials for New Users training helps the candidates in enhancing their knowledge on modeling techniques. Through this CATIA V6 R2013x Essentials for New Users Training, the candidates would know how to make an effective use of the CATIA tools to design a unique and reliable design. The knowledge on Assembly Design and Generative Shape Design are the main aspects of the CATIA V6 R2013x Essentials for New Users course, so that the candidates would be able to create an effective design using CATIA knowledge.

After completing the training on CATIA V6 R2013x Essentials for New Users, the candidates would be able to:

  • The candidates develop an understanding on the implementation of the CATIA V6 tools
  • Develops understanding on Assembly Design and Generative Shape Design
  • Learn all about basics of Part Design
  • Learn how to create as well as edit own designs using the proven modeling techniques.
Target audience
  • Designers
  • Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Some downstream users.

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CATIA V6 2013x - 100 Essentials for New Users Training Course Content

1. Launching CATIA V6

  • The PLM Story
  • Import IGI Models (Essentials)
  • Launching CATIA V6
  • Choosing a Security Context

2. V6 Navigation Interface

  • Navigation User Interface Unit Introduction
  • Navigation and Authoring Layers
  • The Bar
  • The Compass

3. V6 Authoring Interface

  • Authoring User Interface Unit Introduction
  • Authoring User Interface Overview
  • What Workbench?
  • Toolbar Customization
  • Menus
  • Options – General
  • Options – Display

4. Working with Data

  • Working with Data Unit Introduction
  • File Types
  • Creating New Documents
  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Favorites
  • Open or Explore?
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Importing and Exporting Data
  • Propagate (Save)

5. Visualizing Models

  • Visualizing Models Unit Introduction
  • Manipulating Views
  • Mouse
  • Robot
  • Robot – Using
  • Display Modes
  • Preselection Navigator
  • Visualization

6. Specification Tree

  • Specification Tree Unit Introduction
  • Specification Tree Overview
  • Specification Tree – Using
  • Specification Tree – Options

7. Managing Geometry

  • Managing Geometry Unit Introduction
  • Managing Geometry Overview
  • Selecting Objects
  • Deleting Objects
  • Hiding Objects
  • Undo and Redo
  • Layer Overview
  • Managing Layers
  • Selection Sets
  • Properties
  • Apply Material
  • Graphic Properties

8. Reference Features

  • Reference Features Unit Introduction
  • Reference Features Overview
  • Reference Features Uses
  • Creating Reference Points
  • Creating Reference Lines
  • Creating Reference Planes
  • Axis Systems
  • Creating Axis Systems
  • Reference Features (Basic)
  • Reference Elements

9. Sketch Geometry Creation

  • Sketch Geometry Unit Introduction
  • Sketcher Overview
  • Creating Sketches
  • Sketch Tools Toolbar
  • Curve Creation Techniques
  • Options – Sketcher
  • Sketcher SmartPick
  • Creating Points
  • Creating Lines
  • Creating Circles
  • Creating Axes
  • Creating Profiles
  • Predefined Profile Creation
  • Editing Sketches
  • Sketch Geometry 1
  • Sketch Profile (Sketcher #1)

10. Sketch Options

  • Sketch Operations Unit Introduction
  • Sketch Operations
  • Corner and Chamfer
  • Relimitations
  • Transformation
  • Sketch Operations
  • Triangular Bracket Sketch 1

11. Sketch Constraints and Dimensions

  • Sketch Constraints and Dimensions Unit Introduction
  • Constraints Overview
  • Dimensional Constraints
  • Geometry Constraints
  • Auto Constraint
  • Animate Constraint
  • Removing Constraints
  • Editing Constraints Overview
  • Editing Constraints
  • Sketching Constraints
  • Triangular Bracket Sketch

12. Using Sketches Effectively

  • Using Sketches Effectively Unit Introduction
  • Using 3D Geometry in Sketches Overview
  • Using 3D Geometry in Sketches
  • Sketch Curve Projection
  • Associative Sketch Techniques
  • Sketch Analysis Overview
  • Sketch Analysis
  • Solving Inconsistent Elements
  • Sketcher Best Practices

13. Introduction to Part Design

  • Solid Modeling Intentions
  • Basic Sketch-Based Features
  • Options - Part Design
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Creating Pads
  • Creating Multiple Pads
  • Creating Pockets
  • Creating Multiple Pockets
  • Idler Arm

14. Basic Sketch Based Features

  • Basic Sketch-Based Features Unit Introduction
  • Creating Shafts
  • Creating Shafts
  • Creating Grooves
  • Basic and Threaded Holes
  • Creating Holes
  • Plastic Housing 1
  • Hex Nut (PD#2)

15. Dress Up Features

  • Dress -Up Features Unit Introduction
  • Draft Overview
  • Creating Drafts
  • Fillets and Chamfers
  • Fillet Creation
  • Creating Chamfers
  • Drafted Filleted Pads and Pockets
  • Triangular Bracket
  • Side Tool Head

16. Patterns

  • Patterns Unit Introduction
  • Patterns Overview
  • Creating Rectangular Patterns
  • Creating Circular Patterns
  • Creating User-Defined Patterns
  • Editing Patterns
  • Mirroring Geometry
  • Patterns
  • C -Bracket (PD#4)

17. Additional Dress Up Features

  • Additional Dress Up Features Unit Introduction
  • Creating Shells
  • Creating Thickness
  • Threads and Taps
  • Thread Creation and Analysis
  • Mouse Base
  • Connector (PD#5)
  • Fitting (PD#6)
  • Fixture (PD#7)

18. Evaluating the Model

  • Evaluating the Model Unit Introduction
  • Measure Item
  • Measure Between
  • Measure Inertia

19. Engineering Connections

  • Engineering Connections Unit Introduction
  • Engineering Connections Overview
  • Creating Engineering Connections
  • Change Constraint
  • Engineering Connections Project
  • Connector Assembly Structure (A#2)
  • Disk Drive Product 1

20. Basic Assemblies

  • Basic Products Unit Introduction
  • Assembly Workbench and Toolbars
  • Product Overview
  • Product Structure
  • Product Terminology
  • Product Specification Tree
  • Propagate (Save)
  • Adding and Removing Components
  • Component Reposition Methods
  • Component Manipulation
  • Snap and Smart Move
  • Creating a Bottom-Up Product
  • Design in Context
  • Creating a Top-Down Product
  • Top Down Assemblies
  • Connector Assembly Structure (A#1)

21. Basic Wireframe geometry

  • Basic Wireframe Geometry Unit Introduction
  • Wireframe Geometry Overview
  • Work on Support
  • Point Creation Repetition
  • Object Repetition
  • Extremums Overview
  • Extremum and Polar Extremum Creation
  • Planes Between
  • Intersection Geometry Creation
  • Wireframe Circle Creation
  • Wireframe Corner Creation
  • Basic Wireframe Geometry

22. Basic Surfaces

  • Basic Surfaces Unit Introduction
  • Surfaces Overview
  • Basic Surfaces
  • Extruded Surfaces
  • Revolution Surfaces
  • Spherical Surfaces
  • Cylindrical Surfaces
  • Offsetting Surfaces
  • Filled Surfaces (ILT)
  • Filled Surfaces
  • Basic Surface Creation (WSD #2)

23. Geometrical Set

  • Working With Geometrical Sets
  • Geometrical Sets
  • Inserting a Geometrical Set
  • Working With Groups
  • Creating Groups
  • Duplicate Geometrical Set
  • Bottle Reorganization
  • Cell Phone #2 Organize


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