CATIA V6 2013x - 201 Drafting Training

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CATIA V6 2013x - 201 Drafting Training Course Overview

The Drafting Training for CATIA V6 2013x is for the CAD/CAM/CAE professionals who are yelling to bring perfection in their drafting and model designing for the mechanical industry. The training helps the candidates in gaining hands-on experience so that after this training they would be able to make a better use of the training. Through this Drafting Training Courses, the candidates would learn draft tools, BOM, filtering assembly views, view creation, secondary views, editing drawings, filtering assembly views, customizing the drawing sheet and the all that the professionals required to bring perfection to the models geometry creation and modification, dress ups, dimensioning as well as annotations.

After completing this Drafting Certification for CATIA V6 2013x, the candidates would be able to:

  • Understand the view of 2D in CATIA
  • Understand how to import the IGI model for drafting
  • Understand the use of geometry in drafting
  • Create the Predefined Profiles
  • Define what the Corner and Chamfer is?
  • How to edit the drawing sheet
  • How to print the Drawing
  • How to customize the drawing sheet?
Target audience
  • Design Engineers
  • Designers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Some of the downstream users

The candidates should have working experience of basic operations for using CATIA V6.

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CATIA V6 2013x - 201 Drafting Training Course Content

1. 201DRW01_1 Drafting Introduction

  • Drafting Introduction Unit Introduction
  • Import IGI Models (Drafting)
  • Drawings
  • Creating Drawings
  • 2D View in CATIA
  • Adding Views
  • Folding Lines
  • View Plane Definition

2. 201DRW01_2 Geometry Creation

  • Geometry Creation Unit Introduction
  • Drafting Geometry Overview
  • Geometry Creation Tips
  • Creating Points
  • Creating Lines
  • Creating Circles
  • Creating Profiles
  • Creating Predefined Profiles
  • Spline Creation
  • Spline Editing
  • Conics Overview
  • Conic Creation

3. 201DRW01_3 Geometry Modification

  • Geometry Modification Unit Introduction
  • Geometry Modification Overview
  • Corner and Chamfer
  • Relimitations
  • Transformation
  • Constraints

4. 201DRW01_4 Dress Ups

  • Dress-Ups Unit Introduction
  • Center Line Addition
  • Center Line with Reference
  • Axis Line Addition
  • Thread Addition
  • Thread with Reference
  • Area Fill and Arrow
  • Axis and Center Line Addition

5. 201DRW2_1 View Creation

  • View Creation Unit Introduction
  • Creating Front Views
  • Creating Projection Views
  • Creating Auxiliary Views
  • Creating Isometric Views
  • Creating Views with the View Wizard
  • Drafting

6. 201DRW2_2 Secondary Views

  • Secondary Views Unit Introduction
  • Secondary Views
  • Creating Detail Views
  • Creating Section Views
  • Clipped Views
  • Broken and Breakout Views
  • Editing Views - Profile Edition
  • Secondary Views Unit Summary
  • C-Bracket Drawing (D#1)
  • Wheel Drawing (D#5)
  • Drawing Views

7. 201DRW2_3 Editing Drawings

  • Editing Drawings Unit Introduction
  • Editing Drawing Sheets
  • Drawing Sheet Borders
  • Deleting Drawing Sheets
  • Printing Drawings
  • Editing Views
  • Deleting Views
  • Updating Views
  • Views - Element Positioning
  • Views - Relative Positioning
  • Editing Callouts
  • Options – Drafting
  • Editing Drawings Unit Summary
  • Plate Drawing (D#4)
  • Editing Drawing

8. 201DRW3_1 Dimensioning

  • Dimensioning Unit Introduction
  • Dimension Types
  • Dimension Generation
  • Inferred Dimensioning
  • Dimension Creation
  • Cumulated and Stacked Dimensioning
  • Chamfer Dimensioning
  • Dimension Coordinates
  • Thread Dimensioning
  • Dimension Interruptions
  • Positioning Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Dimension Analysis
  • Dimension Properties
  • Dimensioning Unit Summary
  • Dimensioning
  • Dimension Creation (D#6)
  • Cumulated Stacked_Dimensions(D#7)
  • Auto Generated Dimensions (D#8)

9. 201DRW3_2 Annotations

  • Annotations Unit Introduction
  • Adding Text
  • Text with Leader
  • Instantiate Text and Text Attributes
  • Adding Geometric Tolerance and Datum Features
  • Adding Datum Targets
  • Adding Balloons
  • Adding Roughness Symbols
  • Adding Welding Symbols
  • Positioning Annotation Elements
  • Creating Annotation Links
  • Annotation Properties
  • Annotation Unit Summary
  • C-Bracket Drawing2 (D#2)
  • Annotations
  • Text and Leader Creation (D#9)
  • Adding GD&T (D#10)
  • Weld Roughness Symbol (D#11)

10. 201DRW4_1 Draft Tools

  • Drafting Tools Unit Introduction
  • Drafting Tools Overview
  • 2D Component Creation
  • Catalogs with 2D Components
  • Drafting Tools Unit Summary
  • Detail Project (D#13)
  • Catalog and Symbol Creation (D#14)
  • Text and Table Templates

11. 201DRW4_2 Bordering Creation Balloons with BOM

  • Border Creation & Balloons/BOM Unit Introduction
  • Border Creation Overview
  • Adding Frames and Title Blocks
  • Editing Backgrounds
  • Balloons & BOM Overview
  • Adding a Bill of Materials
  • Generating Balloons
  • Border Creation & Balloons/BOM Unit Summary
  • Extract and Modify Balloons (D#17)

12. 201DRW4_3 Filtering Assembly Drawing Views

  • Filtering Assembly Drawing Views Unit Introduction
  • Assembly View Filtering Methods Overview
  • Filter by Component Selection
  • Filter by Scene
  • Filter Using Overload Properties
  • Filter using Hide/Show
  • Filtering Assembly Drawing Views Unit Summary

13. 201DRW4_4 Customizing Your Drawing Sheet

  • Customizing your Drawing Sheet Unit Introduction
  • Seed Drawings
  • Drawing Standards
  • Customizing Your Drawing Sheet Unit Summary

14. 201DRW4_5 Drafting Workshop

  • Drafting Workshop Unit Introduction
  • Importing DWG (D#15)
  • Drafting Workshop
  • Drafting Workshop Unit Summary


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