81056AE: Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

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81056AE: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Management training is for the professionals, who have to deal with the issues that act as obstacles in the way of business growth in perspective to sales. During the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Management training, the candidates would get the chance to learn from the industry expert trainers, who helps to analyze the Processes Flows and the use of Branching to standardize how a sale moves through the system. The candidates get a chance to enhance their sales skills as this course also insights on the components, likewise: Sales Territories, the Product Catalog, Metrics, and Goals. Moreover, this training is helpful for the candidates willing to learn gamification, and additional tools that can be used for sales analysis.

Following are the highlights of the objectives of Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales management course:

  • Explore Business Processes and Branching Process Flows
  • Explain the Sales Ordering Process and its related records
  • Provide an overview of some of the additional sales analysis tools and how they are used
  • Configure the Product Catalog
  • Walk through the creation of metrics and goals within Sales Management
Target audience
  • Sales Professionals
  • Technology Consultants
  • Application Consultants

Following are the prerequisites for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Management:

  • Some basic experience using Windows applications
  • Knowledge of basic sales, marketing, and customer service roles in a business
  • Some knowledge of common Microsoft Dynamics CRM record types is preferred

1. Sales Administration

  • Business Process Flows
  • Sales Territories
  • Currency Configuration

2. The Product Catalogue

  • Benefits of the Product Catalog
  • Create and Maintain Products
  • Product Relationships
  • Price Lists
  • Discount Lists
  • Product Currency Configuration
  • Product Families
  • Product Bundles
  • Product Hierarchical Chart

3. Sales Transactional Records

  • Pricing/Revenue
  • Impact of Different Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Quotes
  • Quotes: Life Cycle
  • Working with Orders and Invoices

4. Metrics and Goals

  • Goal Management Components
  • Goal Examples: Sales Management
  • Goal Metrics
  • Sales Metrics
  • Fiscal Periods and Settings
  • Defining Goals
  • Goal and Goal Metric Records
  • Goals Hierarchy
  • Rollup Queries
  • How Rollup Queries Work

5. Gamification

  • What is Gamification
  • Enable Gamification
  • Gamification Portal
  • The Basics
  • Account Types
  • Game Types
  • Draft Schedules
  • KPIs
  • Player Positions and Alignment
  • Scoring Methods
  • Trophies, Badges, and Prizes
  • Kick Off
  • Managing Outcomes
  • Gamification TV Feeds
  • Interacting with Games as Player
  • Game Cloning
  • Game Administration
  • Email Scheduling

6. Sales Analysis Tools

  • Export to Word Templates
  • Charts and Dashboards
  • Working with Dashboards
  • Share Dashboards, Charts, and Queries
  • Power BI Dashboards


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