Project Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Training

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Project Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 training imbibes the skills to successfully set up Project Management and accounting module of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2. The aspirants will deeply understand the functionality and its implementation related to project transactions and project management. This course focuses on the configuration, customization, and application of the module in assessing the business needs and preparing the timesheets, budgets, and other activities involved at different stages of a project.

Upon the completion of the training, you will exhibit the following skillset:

  • Create project, define project hierarchies, create work breakdown structure, define project stage and manage other changes
  • Set time constraint, describe budget/ investment for a project, and other accounting principles involved
  • Manage and process different transaction types covering invoice entry, creating project production order and other related tasks
  • Set-up and configure timesheets
  • Create project contract, invoice proposal, on-account invoice, and other payment amounts details
  • Handle project inquiries and reports
Target audience

The professionals involved in the implementation, administration, and operations using Project Management and accounting module of Microsoft Dynamics AX R2 are the ideal candidates for this training. However, the candidate interested in this module can also undergo this training.


Candidates with good understanding of basic accounting principles and having an idea of the navigational flow of Microsoft Dynamics AX can get the best out of this training.


At the completion of course 80316B, 80317B, and 80311B, to get the official Microsoft Dynamics certification, you can attempt for the exam MB6-700. On successfully clearing the exam, you can avail the credit of MCP, Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist.

Course 80316B: Project Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

1. Working with Projects

  • Overview
  • Project Details
  • Project Group
  • Project Numbering
  • Project Hierarchies
  • Report Sort Fields
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Project Copy Wizard
  • Project Stages

2. Understanding Project Types

  • Project Types
  • Time and Material Projects
  • Processing a Time and Material Project
  • Time and Material Project Example
  • Fixed-Price Projects
  • Fixed-Price Project Example
  • Internal Projects
  • Cost Project Example
  • Time Projects
  • Investment Projects
  • Project Groups
  • Ledger Principles

3. Working with Project Transactions

  • Transaction Types
  • Categories and Category Groups
  • Project Pricing
  • Line Properties
  • Hour Transactions
  • Hours Journal
  • Expense Transactions
  • Expense Journals
  • Invoice Journals and Invoice Registers
  • Free Text Invoices
  • Item Transactions
  • Item Journals
  • Item Requirements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Production Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Beginning Balances
  • Review Project Transactions
  • Adjusting Transactions
  • Journal Setup
  • Journal Approval
  • Journal Descriptions
  • Ledger Posting Setup
  • Posting Setup by Project Group or Category

4. Project Timesheets

  • Timesheet Periods
  • Set Up Timesheet-Related Parameters
  • Configuring Timesheet Workflows
  • Set Up Favorites
  • Set Up Delegates
  • Timesheet Creation
  • Timesheet Approval
  • Missing Timesheets Report

5. Project Invoicing

  • Invoicing Setup
  • Project Contracts
  • Billing Requirements for Transactions
  • Invoice Proposals
  • On-Account Invoicing
  • View Posted Invoices
  • Credit Notes

6. Project Budgeting

  • Budget Approval Workflow
  • Original Budgets
  • Project Budget Properties
  • Allocate Budgets
  • View Budget Impact
  • View Budget Balances
  • Budget Revisions
  • Committed Costs
  • Carry Forward Budget Amounts at Year End

7. Project Inquiries and Reports

  • Project Control
  • Excel Integration with Project Control
  • Reports
  • OLAP Integration

8. Project Management and Accounting Setup

  • Settings


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