Service Industries in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Training

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Service Industries in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 training on the implementation of the project management activities required for the service industry. The participants will immerse into the details of creating and using activity structure. How to plan and schedule the various activities involved in the execution of any project are minutely demonstrated by the industry expert. Create project quotations, how to define a feasible work breakdown structure, and schedule resources for the execution of different activities involved in the project al is covered in the training program.

By the end of the training, you will inculcate the following proficiencies:

  • Create project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Set up rate cards for projects
  • Create and send project quotations, and on confirmation create budgets automatically and other associated tasks
  • Assign resources to a project based on project requirements, resources availability, and skill competency
  • Create project contracts,  define the billing rules, generate invoice based on the  milestones achieved
  • Manage customer details, and reconcile the actual amount with the customer advance payments
  • Manage customer and payment retention
  • Create and invoice purchase orders by attaching the PWP term
  • Handle indirect cost components
Target audience

The customers and the partners dealing in the service industry can undergo this training.


Candidates who had completed the following courses are eligible for this training:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 2012, or equivalent skills
  • Project Accounting Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics 2012, or equivalent skills
  • Project Accounting Advanced in Microsoft Dynamics 2012, or equivalent skills

At the completion of course 80316B, 80317B, and 80311B, to get the official Microsoft Dynamics certification, you can attempt for the exam MB6-700. On successfully clearing the exam, you can avail the credit of MCP, Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist.

Course 80311B: Service Industries in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

1. Work Breakdown Structure

  • Introduction
  • Work Breakdown Structure Template
  • Creating a Project Work Breakdown Structure
  • Rate Card

2.  Project Quotations

  • Introduction
  • Project Quotation
  • Creating Project Quotes
  • Resource Assignment
  • Quotation Business Process
  • Transferring the Quotation to the Project

3. Resource Scheduling

  • Introduction
  • Configuring Resource Competencies
  • Defining Project Requirements
  • Assigning Resources to a Project Based on Resource Availability
  • Assigning Resources to a Project Based on Project Demand
  • Integration with Microsoft Project Integration Server 2010
  • Resource Assignment and Utilization – Inquiries and Reports

4. Project Contracts with Billing Rules

  • Introduction
  • Creation of Project Contracts
  • Overview of Billing Rules
  • Invoice Formats

5. Project Invoicing

  • Introduction
  • Invoice Processing
  • Customer Advance

6. Payment Retention

  • Introduction
  • Customer Payment Retention
  • Vendor Payment Retention

7. Subcontracting Terms

  • Introduction
  • Pay When Paid
  • Inquiries and Reports

8. Cost Control

  • Introduction
  • Basic Setup
  • Defining Rules for the Indirect Cost Calculation
  • Assigning Indirect Cost Component Groups
  • Processing an Indirect Cost Transactions
  • Splitting Indirect Costs between Multiple Funding Sources
  • Adjusting Indirect Costs


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