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Trade in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 training imparts the knowledge and skills to trade inventory issues including sales, purchase, and return. The trading training provides details of pricing and discount features including sales price, sales line discount and other order processing items. MS Dynamics NAV training on trading also focuses on Purchase Order Management, order promising, and return management. Participants will also get insight on customer service, requisition management, analysis and reporting.

Upon the completion of the training, you will hold the following capabilities:

  • Setup and review Sales Order Management including information on sales order, shipping, prepayments, salespeople, and customers.
  • Explore pricing, discount features, item charges, allowances, and sales order promising.
  • Handle customer service by taking care of item cross reference, and create drop shipments in case of nonstock items.
  • Create purchase order and manage purchase documents.
  • Determine the core functionality of the requisition worksheet.
  • Handle returns management and assembly management.
  • Create sales and purchase analysis reports.
Target audience

Candidates willing to gain knowledge on the effective use of MS Dynamics NAV 2013 for managing day-to-day activities involved in a business.


This training is intended for the candidates having knowledge of the following domains:

  • Distribution and logistics
  • Finance Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Course 80440A: Trade in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

1: Sales Order Management

  • Set Up Sales Order Management
  • Manage Sales Transactions
  • Item Reservation
  • Posting Orders
  • Drop Shipments
  • Customer Prepayments

2: Sales Prices and Discounts

  • Sales Prices
  • Maintain Sales Prices
  • Sales Line Discounts
  • Invoice Discounts

3: Customer Service Features

  • Item Substitutions
  • Item Cross References
  • Set Up and Create Nonstock Items
  • Sell Nonstock Items

4: Purchase Order Management

  • Purchase Order Management Setup
  • Manage Purchase Transactions
  • Purchase Prices and Discounts
  • Purchase Prices
  • Invoice and Line Discounts
  • Vendor Prepayments

5: Requisition Management

  • Requisition Management Setup
  • Requisition Worksheet
  • Additional Worksheet Features

6: Item Charges

  • Purchase Item Charges
  • Sales Item Charges
  • Purchase and Sales Allowances

7: Order Promising

  • Sales Order Promising Definitions and Calculations
  • Date Calculation Setup for Sales Orders
  • Promising Sales Order Delivery
  • Purchase Order Promising Definitions and Calculations
  • Date Calculation Setup for Purchase Orders
  • Estimating Purchase Order Receipts
  • Estimate a Transfer Order Receipt
  • Calendars

8: Returns Management

  • Returns Management Setup
  • Manage Customer Returns
  • Manage Returns to Vendors

9: Assembly Management

  • Assembly Items and Assembly Bill of Materials
  • Assemble to Order
  • Reservations and Item Tracking
  • Selling ATO Items and Inventory Items Together
  • Assemble-to-Order Shipments

10: Analysis and Reporting

  • Analysis Views and Reports
  • Analysis by Dimensions
  • Sales and Purchase Budgets

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