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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Training Course Overview

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) - Enhance your business management skills with our comprehensive course. Learn key functionalities, including finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, and more. Gain hands-on experience and become a proficient Dynamics 365 Navision Functional Consultant. Enroll now at Multisoft Systems.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) course offers a comprehensive overview of the functional aspects of the Dynamics 365 Navision system. Participants will gain a deep understanding of how to utilize the various modules and features to effectively manage and streamline business operations. The course covers key areas such as financial management, sales and marketing, inventory management, purchasing, and human resources. Participants will learn to navigate the user interface, configure and customize the system to meet specific business requirements, and perform essential tasks such as creating and managing customer accounts, processing sales orders, tracking inventory, generating financial reports, and managing human resources information.

The course combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on exercises, allowing participants to gain practical experience in utilizing the Dynamics 365 Navision system. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to optimize business processes and enhance decision-making through the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Course Objective
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision and its core functionalities.
  • Gain proficiency in performing essential tasks in Navision, including managing sales, purchasing, inventory, and financial processes.
  • Learn to configure and customize Navision to meet specific business requirements.
  • Understand how to set up and manage master data, such as customers, vendors, and items.
  • Gain knowledge of the sales and purchasing processes, including order management, pricing, and discounts.
  • Learn to handle inventory management tasks, such as stock management, warehouse operations, and replenishment.
  • Acquire skills in financial management, including setting up and managing general ledger accounts, budgets, and financial reporting.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 24x7 After Training Support
Target Audience
  • Business professionals and managers who want to gain an understanding of the functional aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision.
  • Functional consultants who need to implement or work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision in client projects.
  • Business analysts seeking to enhance their skills in analyzing and optimizing business processes using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision.
  • IT professionals involved in the implementation, customization, and support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Course Prerequisites
  • Basic understanding of business processes, such as sales, purchasing, inventory management, and finance.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Excel.
  • Basic knowledge of accounting principles and financial concepts.
  • Understanding of business management concepts and terminology.
  • General IT competency, including familiarity with computer systems and software usage.
  • Previous experience or exposure to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems or business management software is beneficial but not always required.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems provides a globally recognized training certificate after successful completion of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Training and Certification Course.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Training Course Content

Module 1: Functional Roles 

  • What is an ERP? 
  • ERP Fundamentals
  • Why Navision is more successful? 
  • Modules in Navision? 
  • Role of Functional Person 
  • Characteristics of Functional

Module 2: Sales 

  • Basic concepts of sales Lead/Sales Quotation/Sales order 
  • Sales & Receivable Setup 
  • Creation of Sales Order and Effect of Sales Order after Posting 
  • Sales Shipment/ Sales Invoice/Sales Shipment and Invoice 
  • Sales Shipment Return/Sales Return/Sales Credit Memo 

Module 3: Purchase 

  • Basic concepts of Purchase / Purchase Order. 
  • Purchase & Payable Setup 
  • Creation of Purchase Order and Effect of Purchase Order after Posting 
  • Purchase Receipt/ Purchase Invoice/Purchase Receipt and Invoice 
  • Purchase Return/Sales Credit Memo 

Module 4: Configuration Package 

  • What is Configuration Package? What is the use of Configuration Package? 
  • How to Create the configuration Package?
  • How to Export the data from Navision through Configuration Package 
  • How to Import the data from Different System to Navision through Configuration Package
  • Modification of Master table data through Configuration Package within a minute 

Module 5: Chart of Account 

  • What is chart of Account and how it is created?
  • Trial Balance 
  • Voucher Register 

Module 6: Bank 

  • How to create Bank Account? 
  • Bank Reconciliation

Module 7: Master 

  • Item Master Creation and setup 
  • Customer Creation and Setup 
  • Vendor Creation and setup 
  • Location Creation and setup 
  • Company Creation and setup

Module 8: General Entries 

  • Item Journal Entries 
  • General Journal Entries 
  • Journal Voucher 
  • Why we have need to Create General Entries

Module 9: No. Series 

  • What is No. Series? 
  • Terms and Condition of Creation No. Series 
  • Different No. series for One type of Voucher 

Module 10: Permissions 

  • How to give the permission for users? 
  • User Setup 
  • General ledger Setup 
  • User personalization 
  • Responsibility Center 
  • Creation of users Role Center

Module 11: Inventory 

  • Group/Category wise inventory 
  • Different costing methods 
  • Location wise posting accounts 
  • Profit/loss calculation 
  • Inventory valuation 
  • Inventory Ageing


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Navision (Functional) Training (MCQ) Assessment

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