Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell

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Provided by Microsoft, Windows PowerShell® is a widely known framework for task automation and configuration. Windows PowerShell® provides a streamlined and efficient working environment for administrators handling Windows Server Infrastructure. Created over .NET framework, it allows administrators to manage day-to-day functions effectively, with the creation of scrip modules, advanced functions, controller scripts, and more.

Multisoft Systems provides the Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell® training course to equip aspirants with a complete understanding of the Windows PowerShell® scripts and tools. Along with this, the expert trainers help to explore about the following:

  • Create Advanced Functions
  • Compose and understand Controller Scripts
  • Define Parameter Attributes
  • Input Validation
  • Script Errors handling
  • Understand Desired State Configuration
  • Windows PowerShell Workflow
Target audience

The Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell® course is ideal for the following IT Professionals:

  • Windows Server and Windows Client administration professionals
  • Professionals possessing experience in administering and supporting application servers and services.
  • Aspirants looking to enhance their Windows PowerShell® knowledge
  • Professionals having knowledge about Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell.
  • IT aspirants looking to work with any Microsoft product that supports Windows PowerShell manageability

1.   Creating Advanced Functions

  • Converting a Command into an Advanced Function
  • Creating a Script Module
  • Writing Functions that use Multiple Objects
  • Defining Parameter Attributes and Input Validation
  • Writing Functions that Accept Pipeline Input
  • Producing Complex Function Output
  • Documenting Functions by using Content-Based Help
  • Supporting -Whatif and -Confirm

2.   Using Cmdlets and Microsoft .NET Framework in Windows PowerShell

  • Running Windows PowerShell Commands
  • Using Microsoft .NET Framework in Windows PowerShell

3.   Writing Controller Scripts

  • Understanding Controller Scripts
  • Writing Controller Scripts that Show a User Interface
  • Writing Controller Scripts That Produce Reports

4.   Handling Script Errors

  • Understanding Error Handling
  • Handling Errors in a Script

5.   Using XML Data Files

  • Reading, Manipulating and Writing Data in XML

6.   Managing Server Configurations by Using Desired State Configuration

  • Understanding Desired State Configuration
  • Creating and Deploying a DSC Configuration

7.   Analyzing and Debugging Scripts

  • Debugging in Windows PowerShell
  • Analyzing and Debugging an Existing Script

8.   Understanding Windows PowerShell Workflow

  • Understanding Windows PowerShell Workflow


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