10987-C- Performance, Tuning, and Optimizing SQL Databases 2016 Training

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You are eligible to get this Performance, Tuning, and Optimizing SQL Databases 2016 (10987-C) Training in India if you have basic knowledge of computers and Microsoft Windows OS. Go for this course if you are keen on learning the process of describing the best practices related to data files for user databases and TempDB. You will also learn how to describe the best practices related to Concurrency, Transactions, Isolation Levels and Locking.

It is basically designed for the professionals who administer, manage, and ensure SQL Server databases' performance and write queries against data to ensure the optimal execution performance of the workloads. Multisoft Systems is a highly credible classroom training company that is actively engaged in providing this Performance, Tuning, and Optimizing SQL Databases 2016 (10987-C) Training with certified SQL trainers. Here skilled and experienced trainers deliver hands-on classes to the aspirants of this training.

In its successful completion, you will learn:
  • You will be able to describe the high level architectural overview of SQL Server
  • You will be able to describe the architectural concepts of the optimizer
  • You will be able to identify and fix query plan issues
  • You will be able to describe the troubleshooting strategies of Extended Events
  • You will be able to troubleshoot scenarios and practices related to Plan Cache
  • You will be able to describe Storage Area Networks, core I/O concepts, and performance testing
  • You will be able to describe the SQL Server execution model, waits and queues
  • You will be able to describe architectural concepts
  • You will be able to troubleshoot strategy and usage scenarios for Extended Events
  • You will be able to explain data collection strategy and techniques to analyze collected data
  • You will be able to understand the techniques to identify and diagnose bottlenecks to improve overall performance
Target audience
  • The professionals who develop applications for delivering content from SQL Server databases
  • The professionals who administer, manage, and ensure the performance of SQL Server databases
  • The professionals who write queries against data and ensures optimal execution performance of the workloads
  • The training aspirants are supposed to carry a basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows OS and its core functionality. He/she should also have a working knowledge of Transact-SQL, database administration, and maintenance.

Module 1: SQL Server Architecture, Scheduling, and Waits

  • SQL Server Components and SQL OS
  • Windows Scheduling vs SQL Scheduling
  • Waits and Queues 

Module 2: SQL Server I/O

  • I/O Setup and Testing 
  • Core Concepts
  • Storage Solutions

Module 3: Database Structures

  • Data File Internals
  • Database Structure Internals
  • TempDB Internals 

Module 4: SQL Server Memory

  • SQL Server Memory
  • In-Memory OLTP 
  • Windows Memory

Module 5: SQL Server Concurrency

  • Concurrency and Transactions
  • Locking Internals 

Module 6: Statistics and Index Internals

  • Index Internals
  • Columnstore Indexes 
  • Statistics Internals and Cardinality Estimation

Module 7: Query Execution and Query Plan Analysis

  • Analyzing query execution plans
  • Adaptive query processing 
  • Query execution and optimizer internals
  • Query execution plans

Module 8: Plan Caching and Recompilation

  • Automatic tuning
  • Query store 
  • Plan cache internals
  • Troubleshooting plan cache issues

Module 9: Extended Events

  • Extended events core concepts
  • Working with extended events 

Module 10: Monitoring, Tracing, and Baselining

  • Baselining and benchmarking 
  • Monitoring and tracing 

Microsoft developed Microsoft SQL Server, a software product, to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications. It is blessed with many advanced features, including Dynamic Data Masking, Revamped SQL Server Data Tools, Always Encrypted, Polybase, Query Store, and JavaScript Object Notation Support. The Row Level Security feature of this management system enables the users to implement row-level security and restricts them to view data in tables with the use of SQL Server Login.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is a SQL-based database management system that is designed to support the combination of data warehousing, transaction processing, and analytics applications in business environments. The management system, which is designed to manage and store information, is now considered the best tool to gather data, manage data, apply analytics that generates deep insights, and translate those insights into useful business information.

The new version of the database management system is designed for high scalability, increased performance, mobile business intelligence, Advanced analytics with R Services, and Always Encrypted, which ensures enhanced data security. It will give you more consistency between database and database servers.

VersionRelease DateMainstream End DateExtended End DateRelease Name
10.06/11/20088/7/20149/7/2019SQL Server 2008
10.5020/7/20108/7/20149/7/2019SQL Server 2008 R2


12/7/2022SQL Server 2012
12.05/6/20149/7/20199/7/2024SQL Server 2014
13.01/6/201613/7/202114/7/2026SQL Server 2016
14.029/9/201711/10/202212/10/2030SQL Server 2017


7/1/20158/1/2030SQL Server 2019

The SQL Server 2017 will be served by Microsoft for a longer time than SQL Server 2016. So, you are suggested to upgrade your server to SQL Server 2017 if you have a long-term vision.;

SQL Server 2016
Release Date: June 6, 2016
End of Mainstream Support: July 13, 2021
End of Extended Support: July 14, 2026

SQL Server 2017
Release Date: September 29, 2017
End of Mainstream Support: October 11, 2022
End of Extended Support: October 12, 2027

  1. It comes with an Added IDENTITY_CACHE option and automatic database tuning
  2. It enables the companies to handle many-to-many relationships and added graph database capabilities
  3. It comes with JSON functions, CROSS APPLY operator, and many other in-memory enhancements
  4. It has added 1400 compatibility level for tabular models and added DAX IN for specifying multiple value
  5. It comes with added automatic database tuning and added bulk access for Azure Blob files

  1. It comes with TSA-Grade Security, restricts, and user permissions on table data
  2. It is featured with New SSMS, Eventual Consistency, and Access Storage Engine
  3. It comes with Azure Power Enterprise Server, new DAX IN function, and added MAIM command
  4. It is ideal for giving full support for JSON functions
  5. It enables the company with an Indirect Checkpoint Performance Improvements facility
  6. It comes with Added Scented Error Messages and Self-Destructing Transactions

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