20761A - Querying Data with Transact-SQL Server 2016 Certification Training

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Transact-SQL is one of the important skills for developers and data professionals working with SQL databases. With this combination of demonstrations, expert instruction and practical labs, step from your first “select” statement through to implementing programmatic logic.Querying Data with Transact-SQL training program from Multisoft systems is a program that helps students to understand the concept of Transact-SQL. The program is crafted in a manner that the initial part of the content can be taught as a course to students needs the knowledge for other courses in the SQL Server curriculum. The reaming part of the content focuses on the skills and knowledge required to clear the exam 70-761.

Work through multiple modules, each of which explores a key area of the Transact-SQL language, with a focus on querying and adjusting data in Microsoft SQL Server or Azure SQL Database. The labs in this program use a sample database that can be deployed easily in Azure SQL Database, so you get hands-on learning session with Transact-SQL without installing or configuring a database server. During the training program you will:

  • Create Transact-SQL SELECT queries
  • Query multiple tables with JOIN
  • Work with data types and NULL
  • Explore set operators
  • Work with sub queries and APPLY
  • Group sets and pivot data
  • Use functions and aggregate data
  • Use table expressions
  • Program with Transact-SQL
  • Implement error handling and transactions
  • SQL Server database administrators
  • system engineers
  • developers with two or more years 

After successfully completing the Querying Data with Transact-SQL Server 2016 Training Course, the candidate will receive a training completion certificate from Multisoft Systems

  • Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Module 2: Introduction to T-SQL Querying
  • Module 3: Writing SELECT Queries
  • Module 4: Querying Multiple Tables
  • Module 5: Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Module 6: Working with SQL Server 2016 Data Types
  • Module 7: Using DML to Modify Data
  • Module 8: Using Built-In Functions
  • Module 9: Grouping and Aggregating Data
  • Module 10: Using Subqueries
  • Module 11: Using Table Expressions
  • Module 12: Using Set Operators
  • Module 13: Using Windows Ranking, Offset, and Aggre
  • Module 14: Pivoting and Grouping Sets
  • Module 15: Executing Stored Procedures
  • Module 16: Programming with T-SQL
  • Module 17: Implementing Error Handling
  • Module 18: Implementing Transactions


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