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The SharePoint Power User training is ideal for the beginners who wants to learn how to become productive quickly. In addition to this, the users with some experience also can join this training to learn the fundamentals of managing SharePoint sites. The main focus of this training is on the most important information and document management features. The major advantage of this training is that it does not require any prior knowledge of SharePoint.

After the successful completion of this training, the candidate will learn about the following things:

  • Core SharePoint features - lists, columns, views, versions, alerts.
  • Use of tasks and sub-tasks to create project plans and communicate project schedules via timelines.
  • Use of Metadata Navigation.
  • Different page types and how to expose the right information using web parts.
  • Create and initiate out of box workflows.
  • Use Term stores and managed Metadata.
Target audience

This course is intended for the new as well as existing users of SharePoint.


Those who wish to attend this training should be familiar about the working of Windows, which is the only required prerequisite.

1. Content Approval

  • Enabling Content Approval
  • Content Approval Workflows

2. Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013

  • Workflow Basics
  • Custom List Workflows
  • Workflow Actions
  • Workflow Conditions
  • Workflow Initiation Form
  • Reusable Workflows

3. Working with Managed Metadata

  • Creating a Term Store Group and Term Set
  • Creating Metadata Columns in Lists and Libraries
  • Publishing Content Types

4. Business Connectivity Services

  • Business Connectivity Service Basics
  • Creating an External Content Type with SharePoint Designer
  • Creating a List from an External Content Type

5. Information Management Policy

  • Information Management Policy Basics
  • Defining Information Policy for a Content Type
  • Defining Information Policy for a List

6. Content Organizer

  • Activating the Content Organizer Feature
  • Configuring Content Organizer Settings
  • Configuring content Organizer Rules

7. Document ID Service

  • Activating the Document ID Feature
  • Configuring Document ID Settings
  • Linking Documents Using Their Document ID

8. Document Sets

  • Activating the Document Sets Feature
  • Creating a Document Set Content Type
  • Adding a Document Set Content Type of a Library

9. SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure

  • Activating the SharPoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
  • Publishing Infrastructure Basics
  • Creating Pages with Page Layouts

10. Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results

  • Search SharePoint for Content
  • SharePoint Search Center


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