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System Center 2012 Orchestrator from Microsoft is a widely known software, used for workflow automation. Used by system administrators, this program is utilized for monitoring and deploying the resources of the data center by using automation, along with using the graphical interface that follows drag and drop approach, and defining Runbooks.

Multisoft Systems imparts highest level System Center 2012 Orchestrator training to acquaint learners with all the features and benefits of this widely used software. Through the latest-courseware inclusive training program, the aspirants are willing to learn about Role of Orchestrator 2012, the entire System Center suite, Deployment of  Orchestrator 2012, and Navigating through Orchestrator 2012 user interfaces.

The training also imparts understanding of the following concepts:  

  • Differentiating between each of the Systems Center 2012 products
  • Identifying system requirements of Orchestrator 2012
  • Creating Runbooks
  • Working with Monitors, Links and Junctions
  • Downloading and configuring integration packs
  • Creating relationships and PivotTables
  • Preparing for Disaster Recovery
Target audience
  • Suitable for the professionals, implementing the automation in the business processes.

Basic Knowledge of Active Directory and system center products.

1. Introduction to the System Center 2012 Orchestrator

  • History and Evolution of System Center
  • System Center 2012 Product Suite
  • System Center 2012 Licensing
  • Introducing ITIL and MOF
  • System Center 2012 Orchestrator

2. Design and Deployment Considerations for Orchestrator 2012

  • Preparing to Deploy Orchestrator 2012
  • Installing Orchestrator 2012
  • Exploring Orchestrator 2012 Interfaces
  • Examining Runbook Servers and Global Settings

3. Runbook Configuration Basics

  • Creating Runbooks
  • Creating Standard Activities
  • Working with Monitors, Links and Junctions
  • Analyzing Data Using the Orchestrator Data Bus
  • Stepping Through Runbooks with the Tester
  • Exporting and Importing Runbooks

4. Advanced Runbooks and Complex Activities

  • Designing Advanced Runbooks
  • Reviewing Integration Packs
  • Automating Activities with Active Directory Integration Pack
  • Implementing Integration Packs
  • Executing Programs and Scripts using Runbooks

5. PowerPivot Reporting

  • Introducing PowerPivot for Excel
  • Enabling PowerPivot for Reporting

6. Administration, Management and Extensibility

  • Determining Fault Tolerance
  • Optimizing Performance and Capacity
  • Installing with Command Line and Console Push
  • Preparing for Disaster Recovery
  • Upgrading from Opalis and Migrating Runbooks
  • Utilizing the Orchestrator Integration Toolkit

7. System Center 2012 Integration (optional)


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