Oracle Database 12c: ASM Administration Training

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Oracle Database 12c: ASM Administration training explains the concepts of Automatic Storage Management (ASM). The training covers the ASM architecture and focuses on the skills to ensure optimized workloads with lower IT cost. The experienced professional lays emphasis on the delivery of service, maintaining high performance level by consolidating onto database clouds. The aspirants will get detailed exposure of Flex ASM applications along with standard ASM.

By the end of the Oracle Database 12c: ASM Administration course, you will be proficient in the following skills:

  • Explain ASM components and its configuration for Oracle RAC
  • Describe the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) architecture
  • Administer ASM files, directories, templates, and disk groups
  • Describe the format of a fully qualified ASM file name
  • Install, configure, and manage Flex ASM features
  • Administer Oracle Cloud File System features like ACFS Replication and High Availability NFS, ACFS integration with Oracle ASM
  • Manage Clusterware resources and ACFS administration
  • Handle scalability considerations and key performance areas for ASM disk groups
  • Describe how Grid Plug and Play affects Clusterware
  • Explain the necessity of global resources and work on Globally Managed Resources, Library Cache Mangement, Row Cache Management, Buffer Cache management and other associated tasks
  • Work on the high availability of the services in RAC environment
  • Illustrate the monitoring and tuning of RAC
  • Explain the concept of Application Continuity (AC) along with its architecture and working
  • Describe Quality of Service (QoS) management
  • Work on RAC One Node
Target audience
  • Administrator
  • Database Administrators

The candidates with working knowledge Clusterware, RAC, and ASM are ideal for this training.

1. Oracle ASM Overview

  • Overview of ASM
  • ASM Placement in Storage Stack
  • ASM Cluster Configuration for Oracle RAC
  • ASM System Privileges
  • ASM OS Groups and Role Separation
  • ASM Components
  • Software
  • Configure disks as ASM candidate disks
  • 2. Oracle ASM Instance Administration

    • ASM Instance Administration
    • Instance Parameters
    • Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
    • Instance Startup and Shutdown
    • Relevant V$Views

    3. Flex ASM

    • Flex ASM Architecture
    • Background and Overview
    • ASM Deployment Alternatives
    • Configuring Flex ASM
    • Managing Flex ASM
    • Relocating an ASM Client

    4. Administering ASM Disk Groups

    • ASM Disk Group Overview
    • Disk Group Attributes
    • Compatibility Attributes
    • Disk Group Management
    • Disk Group Metadata
    • Viewing Connected Clients
    • Disk Group Rebalance
    • ASM Fast Mirror Resync

    5. Administering ASM Files, Directories, and Templates

    • Interaction Between Database Instances and ASM
    • Accessing ASM Files
    • Fully Qualified ASM File Names
    • ASM File Creation
    • View ASM Aliases, Files, and Directories
    • ASM Directories Overview
    • Managing ASM Directories
    • Managing Alias File Names

    6. Administering Oracle Cloud File System

    • Oracle Cloud File System Components
    • Overview of Oracle ACFS
    • Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager
    • High Availability NFS (HANFS) Overview
    • Oracle ACFS Integration with Oracle ASM
    • Oracle ACFS Administration
    • Clusterware Resources and ACFS Administration
    • ACFS and Dismount or Shutdown Operations

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