Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database Training

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Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database training focuses on the features, benefits, and use cases of the Oracle NoSQL database. The training will explain the concepts of Big Data and NoSQL. The concepts learned will be used while designing a schema and an application. The Oracle NoSQL database course helps in identifying the use of Java API’s for accessing the KVStore.

By the end of the Oracle NoSQL Database training, you will be proficient in the following skills:

  • Differentiate between Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and NoSQL database
  • Configure the store using the Admin Console and access it
  • Identify the key features and schema structure of the Oracle NoSQL database
  • Determine  when to use it
  • Determine the components of Oracle NoSQL database
  • Describe Oracle NoSQL architecture and KVLite
  • Define and design major and minor keys
  • Differentiate between durability and consistency
  • Explain BigData
Target audience
  • Java Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Web Administrator

The candidates with Java programming knowledge and basic understanding of Big Data concepts are ideal for this training.

Course Overview

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Environment
  • Connecting to the Practice Environment
  • Accessing the Labs Directory
  • Case Study Overview

Understanding the NoSQL Technology and Concepts

  • BigData and NoSQL Overview
  • Oracle NoSQL Overview
  • Designing a Schema for Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Designing an Application for Oracle NoSQL Database

Accessing and Manipulating the Oracle NoSQL Database Using Java API's

  • Accessing the KVStore
  • Constructing a Record
  • Reading Data
  • Writing and Deleting Data

Using the Administration Console

  • Admin Console Overview
  • Configuring the KVStore Using the Admin Console


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