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RPA  - UiPath proves to be very helpful for the candidates, who wish to learn the usage in the digital marketing that helps the candidates in polishing their career and the organizations in generating a great deal of revenue for sure. The UiPath Certification Training facilitates with the knowledge that helps in enhancing the Business Process Models for any of the organization. The training introduce the candidates to UI-Elements I/O and other important fundamentals of UiPath tool that help them in achieving their career goals with ease.

Following are some of the objectives for the  RPA  - UiPath Training that the candidates would embrace to shaping their career:

  • Understand the complete Automation in Business Process Activities
  • Understand how UiPath could effective and responsive for the business
  • Integration of UiPath with Citrix seamlessly at the Presentation Layer
  • Understand whence UiPath tool could be used so that the outcome will be fruitful
  • Learn resolving complex tasks using UiPath tools
  • Learn the UiPath automation process that
  • Develop understanding on Exceptions and Debugging in UiPath
  • Get introduced to the Front+Back Office Robots
  • Develop an understanding of the concept of Workflow
  • Understand what are Recording Concepts and Selector Concepts
  • Learn how to work with Data in UiPath
Target audience
  • Fresher graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Digital Marketing professionals

The candidates with basic programming knowledge should opt for this training.

  • Understanding UiPath
  • Understanding the concept of Workflow
  • Working with Data in UiPath
  • Excel and Datatable Automation
  • Understanding Recording Concepts
  • Understanding Selector Concepts
  • Introduction to UI-Elements I/O
  • Automating Image and Text
  • Automation using Citrix
  • Using UiPath as Mail & Pdf
  • Working with User Events
  • Organizing the complete project using UiPath
  • Understanding Exceptions and Debugging in UiPath
  • Concept of UiPath Orchestrator,
  • Introduction to Front+Back Office Robots
  • Understanding SAP Concepts
  • Understanding Database Concepts in UiPath

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