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Virtual Reality is the advanced technology that is used to describe three dimensional environments which can be explored and interrelated with by a person. That person is immersed within this environment and is able to manipulate objects and do series of actions. The field of virtual reality is emerging wonderfully since last few years and if you are thinking and waiting then you are too late because opportunities will be less, competition will be tough and specialist will be tenacious about maintaining their positions.

Multisoft systems offer you Virtual Reality training that helps you to get familiarize with the concept of Virtual reality. The training program will help you understand everything from the basics of VR to various applications of VR and the challenges of the medium. The training program is intended for the aspirants who are new and who have no experience in VR. During the training program you will understand and implement the basic fundamentals of VR applications by understanding how they differ from Games and Desktop Applications. The benefits of virtual training from Multisoft systems you will avail are:

  • Able to simulate risky circumstances within a controlled environment.
  • Cater for large numbers of students over several locations
  • Accurate and realistic simulations
  • Peer review, feedback and ongoing assessment
  • Highly visual approach which aids with learning
  • Visualization of complex concepts and theories
  • Deconstruct complex data into manageable chunks
  • Exploration of virtual scenarios as experience for real world scenarios.
  • Know that learning is fun and enjoyable where suitable
  • Introduction to VR & Comparing devices
  • Comparision of top VR platforms
  • Go Home – Programming in C#
  • Creating a 3D Scene
  • UI for Oculus Rift
  • Building a Unity Android Project
  • Setup a VR Camera

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