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The Apache CouchDB for Developers course will allow the aspirants in understanding document based structure to perform data mapping, querying, combining and filtering; and in learning the basics of NoSQL along with their design techniques. You will learn NoSQLs design techniques, how CouchDB is different from a SQL system, and earn the CouchDB certification on the completion of this course.

Backed by an efficient team of CouchDB experts, Multisoft Systems is engaged in providing the Apache CouchDB for Developers course for the developers, web developers, and the students who wish to build apps with CouchDB. We are certified by some of the largest technology leaders, such as Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco. Register with us to get hands-on practice sessions from highly experienced CouchDB experts!

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:
  • NoSQLs and their design techniques
  • The document-based features of CouchDB and how they are used in real-world projects
  • How to use the programming features of CouchDB and build web apps
  • How CouchDB is different from a SQL system
Target Audience:
  • Developers
  • Web developers
  • The students who want to explore the NoSQL database design
  • The students who wish to build apps with CouchDB
  • The participants of Apache CouchDB for Developers course are expected to have basic knowledge in HTML and SQL along with relational database design.

Module 1: Installing CouchDB

  • Introduction: CouchDB at a glance
  • Installation: Get up and running fast
  • Technical Overview: Details of the CouchDB technology
  • Basics: Getting started with CouchDB

Module 2: Configuring CouchDB

  • Base Configuration
  • couch_peruser
  • CouchDB HTTP Server
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Compaction Configuration
  • Logging
  • Replicator
  • Query Servers
  • External Processes
  • HTTP Resource Handlers
  • CouchDB Internal Services
  • Miscellaneous Parameters
  • Proxying Configuration

Module 3: CouchApp

Design Functions

  • View Functions
  • Show Functions
  • List Functions
  • Update Functions
  • Filter Functions
  • Validate document update functions

Guide to Views

  • Introduction Into The Views
  • Views Collation
  • Joins With Views
  • View Cookbook for SQL Jockeys
  • Pagination Recipe

Module 4: CouchDB External APIs

Module 5: Query Server

Query Server Protocol

  • reset
  • add_lib
  • map_doc
  • reduce
  • rereduce
  • ddoc
  • Raising errors
  • Logging


  • Design functions context
  • CommonJS Modules

Module 6: Fauxton


  • Get the source
  • Fauxton Setup
  • Dev Server
  • Deploy Fauxton

Writting Addons

  • Generating an add-on
  • Routes and hooks

Module 7: Cluster

  • Setup
  • Theory
  • Node Management
  • Database Management
  • Sharding

Module 8: Using Modules

  • All Database Documents
  • Bulk Documents

Module 9: Troubleshooting

  • Breaking Changes
  • Error Messages
  • Known Problem
  • Official CouchDB bug tracker

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