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MariaDB has emerged as the most popular database server in the world. It is scalable, fast, robust, and versatile for a wide variety of applications ranging from IT services to banking. With it, migration becomes easier, security releases become quicker, and performance becomes faster.

Are you interested in acquiring MariaDB Administration skills and achieve success? Multisoft Systems, an ultimate choice for the corporate training aspirants, invites you to get a world-class learning experience through the MariaDB Administration Training course. We offer up-to-the-minute course materials and hands-on practice sessions without charging a high course fee.

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:

  • How to configure and use MariaDB?
  • The basics of MariaDB servers with detailed environment explanation.
  • How to set and test Query Cache in MariaDB?
  • How to optimize the different aspect of queries?
  • How to deal with database maintenance and security?
Target Audience
  • Database administrators who want to learn the technicalities of administrating, monitoring and supporting MariaDB databases and servers
  • Database administrators who have work experience in alternate relational database management systems
  • The aspirants of the MariaDB Administration Training are supposed to carry basic knowledge of SQL and working knowledge of MariaDB.

Module 1: Getting Started with MariaDB Server

  • Installation in Windows
  • Installation in Other Linux Distributions
  • Installation in Ubuntu

Module 2: MariaDB Server Files And Scripts

  • MariaDB Server and Client
  • MariaDB Programs
  • GUI tools usage

Module 3: Configuring MariaDB

  • MariaDB file system layout
  • Configuring files in Linux
  • Understanding groups and Options

Module 4: Using MariaDB

  • MySQL client
  • Creating, Listing and Dropping Databases
  • Creating, Listing and Dropping Tables
  • Inserting, Reading, Updating and Deleting Data

MModule 5: Security in MariaDB

  • User accounts and passwords
  • Creating and Deleting user accounts
  • Setting up permission using roles
  • SSL connection
  • Monitoring connections
  • Authentication plugins

Module 6: Maintenance of MariaDB

  • Log files in MariaDB
  • Types of Backup
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Crash Recovery and Maintenance
  • Getting Table Information
  • Checking and Repairing Tables

Module 7: Query Cache in MariaDB

  • Importance of Query Cache
  • Configuring and Testing Query Cache
  • Maintenance of Query Cache

Module 8: Optimization of MariaDB

  • Controlling of optimizer strategies for MariaDB
  • Configuring the MyISAM segmented key cache
  • Configuring threadpool and Aria pagecache
  • Optimizing queries and semi join subqueries

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