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IBM® Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite Participant Modeling and User Security training suits the purpose of the Hub and Enterprise administrative users; it helps them in mapping and modeling the roles in Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite. The expert trainers throws light on defining the fundamental concepts of creating the users and the organization, describing the participants, configuring user policies, assigning attributes to different roles in the suite and a lot more. Apart from this the training focus on:

  • Mapping the participant details to their appropriate Roles by using Application Platform.
  • Creating the Users and Configuring the user security features using Application Platform.
Target audience
  • Web Developers
  • Testing Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Software Architects

The candidates having prior knowledge of JavaScript, Async programming, HTTP, etc. would join the course to gain enlightenment on the Node.js for a better application building.

1. Introduction to the fundamentals of the Node.js

  • Introduction to the server side JavaScript
  • The Architecture of Node.js
  • Downloading and installing with Node.js framework
  • What are Non-blocking Queues
  • Understanding the Node Event Loop     
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous Callbacks

2. NPM

  • Packages
  • Global vs Local
  • About NPM Commands

3. Modules

  • About Core Modules
  • Resolving absolute as well as relative paths

4. Buffers

  • Slice, Create and Copy a buffer

5. EventEmitter Working with Streams

  • Write into a Stream
  • Read into a Stream
  • Network Streams
  • Streaming I/O from files and other sources
  • Filesystem Streams

6. Building the application stack

  • How to create web applications using Node js
  • Event driven asynchronous callbacks
  • The basic HTTP Server

7. Debugging Node js applications connecting to the database using the JavaScript Node Express Framework

  • REST services with Express framework
  • Understanding the MVC server-side apps
  • Reading the Post data

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