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Professional PHP5 Training Course Overview

Professional PHP training imparts the skills to extend the working knowledge of professionals. It lays emphasis on the use of advance frameworks, including CodeIgniter, Zend, and Cake PHP. The learning curve encompasses Magneto for the development of e-commerce web sites. The training helps you discover the practices and concepts required to implement client and server side security and payment gateway. Moreover,the detailed study on OpenCart, PHP based online e-commerce solution, is also included in the curriculum. This enables the aspirants to contribute in the shoping xart web design development.

By the end of the training, you will inculcate the following skills:

  • Understanding the fundamentals and the core principles in Magento
  • Managing Your Magento Store for Catalog Management, Product Marketing, and Operations
  • Installing, Updating and using OpenCart
  • Supporting multiple languages and moving to a new server
  • CodeIgniter Framework
  • Understanding OLAP, OLTP, Third Party Payment and Payment Gateway Integration
  • Implementing security
  • Working on MVC model, infrastructure and internationalization feature of Zend framework
  • Using CakePHP framework for the development of Content Mangement System (CMS)
Target audience

Web developers willing to take their expertise to the next level.


Candidates having knowledge and prior working experience in website development using PHP or students attended any PHP course are the ideal participants for this course.

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Professional PHP5 Training Course Content

Module 1: Magento

  • Introducing Magento

Managing Your Magento Store Part 1: Catalog Management

  • Administration
  • Site Configuration and Behavior
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Site Performance Enhancement
  • Cache And Index Management
  • Product Types
  • Product Configuration
  • Front End Functionality
  • Product Management
  • Taxes
  • Multiâ€Âstore Setup
  • Reports

Managing Your Magento Store â€Â Part 2: Product Marketing

  • Customer Management
  • Events, Sales, Promotions
  • CMS Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Catalog Price Rules
  • Shopping Cart Price Rules
  • Import/Export of Customer Data

Managing Your Magento Store â€Â Part 3: Operations

  • Order Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Customer Service

Core Principles for Theming in Magento

  • Magento Template System—Architecture and Components
  • Working with Themes
  • Recommended Approach to Customizing
  • Working with Page Templates, Layouts, and Block Templates
  • Creating Your Own Default Theme
  • Creating Modules with Custom Theme Components

Fundamentals of Magento Development

  • Rendering
  • Working with Database in Magento
  • Entityâ€ÂAttributeâ€ÂValue model
  • Admin HTML

Module 2: Open Cart

  • System requirements
  • Installation
  • Updating Open Cart

User Guide

  • Browsing the Store Front
  • Admin Interface


  • Categories
    • Categories :: General
    • Categories :: Data
    • Categories :: Design
  • Products
    • Products :: General
    • Products :: Data
    • Products :: Links
    • Products :: Attribute
    • Products :: Option
    • Products :: Discount
    • Products :: Special
    • Products :: Image
    • Products :: Reward Points
    • Products :: Design
    • Product Import
  • Attributes
  • Options
  • Manufacturers
  • Downloads
  • Reviews & Information


  • Modules
    • Install/Uninstall
    • Editing a Module
    • Core Modules Overview
    • Installing 3rd Party Modules
    • Shipping & Payments
    • Order Totals
    • Product Feeds


    • Orders
    • Returns
    • Customers
      •  Customer Groups
      •  IP Blacklist
    •  Affiliates
    •  Coupons
    •  Gift Vouchers
    •  Mail


    •  Affiliate Commission Report
    •  Customer Reports
      •  Order Reports
      •  Reward Points Report
      •  Customer Credit Report
    •  Products Viewed Report
    •  Sales Report
      •  Orders Report
      •  Tax Report
      •  Shipping Report
      •  Returns Report
      •  Coupon Report


    •  Settings
    •  Design
    •  Users
    •  Help
    •  Localization
    • Error Logs
    • Backup/Restore           



System Administrator Guide

    •  Adding Multiple Languages
    •  Creating a Multiâ€ÂStore
    •  Image Upload
    •  Moving Open Cart to a new server
    •  SEO Keywords
    •  SSL Certificates and HTTPS
    •  vQmod

Developer Guide

  •  Developing Modules

Designer Guide

Module 3: CodeIgniter Framework

  • Introduction
  • Static pages
  • News section
  • Create news items
  • Conclusion
  • CodeIgniter URLs
  • Controllers
  • Reserved Names
  • Views
  • Models
  • Helpers
  • Additional Resources
  • Class Reference
  • Driver Reference
  • Helper Reference

Module 4 : Payment Gateway

  • What is Payment Gateway?
  • Third party Payment
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Module 5: Security 

  • Cient Side Security
  • Server Side Security
  • Prevent MySQL Injection

Web Hosting

  • What Is Web Hosting?
  • What is FTP?
  • What is DOMAIN?
  • What is SUBâ€Â DOMAIN?
  • What is Delegated Servers?
  • What is CPANEL?
  • Create Email Accounts

Module 6: Zend Framework


  • Components
  • Pattern Basics
  • Bootstrap
  • Zend_Controller
  • Zend_Layout


  • Zend_Config
  • Zend_Session
  • Zend_Registry
  • Zend_Loader


  • Zend_Date
  • Zend_Translate
  • Zend_Locale
  • Zend_Currency
  • Zend_View_Helper_ Translate
  • Internationalization Performance

 Authentication and Access

  • Zend_Acl
  • Zend_Auth
  • Zend_Auth Adapters


  • Zend_Cache
  • Script inclusion
  • Optimization
  • Zend_Memory


  • Zend_Form
  • Validation/Filtering
  • Decorators
  • Elements
  • Forms
  • Display Groups & Sub Forms
  • Configuration
  • Internationalization


  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Secure Authentication
  • Escaping for output
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Security Best Practices
  • Diagnosis and Maintainability
  • Zend_Debug
  • Zend_Log

Filtering and Validation

  • Filtering Chains
  • Custom Filters
  • Standard Validation Classes
  • Validator Chains
  • Custom Validators


  • Zend_Search_Lucene
  • Indexing
  • Querying
  • Performance


  • Zend_Db
  • Zend_Db_Statement
  • Zend_Db_Table
  • Zend_Db_Profiler
  • Zend_Db_Select
  • Table Data Gateway Pattern
  • Row Data Gateway Pattern


  • Constructing
  • Storage & Storage providers
  • Message retrieval
  • Message sending

Coding Standards

  • Coding conventions
  • Zend_Loader

Web Services

  • XMLâ€ÂRPC Client
  • XMLâ€ÂRPC Server
  • REST Client
  • REST Server
  • Zend_Service Web Services

Module 7: Cake PHP

  • Unpack and install
  • Validation 1
  • Configuring a database connection
  • Editing the database configuration file
  • Validation 2
  • Creating the application tables


  • Modifying the users_controller.php file
  • Making tables easier
  • Creating the known users view
  • Form generation
  • Making the most of your helpers

Cake PHP data validation

  • The Tor user model
  • Roll your own validation
  • Taking validation further

Filling in the gaps

  • Login
  • The index action
  • Logout


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