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Multisoft Systems provides the Redis Training course to help you with the complete knowledge of Redis data structure, web application support components, and its use is search-based. Through this course, we aim to push the career growth of software architects, system architects, software development managers, and data architects and developers. .

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:
  • How to integrate Redis with other tools?
  • Why is Redis replacing all other databases nowadays?
  • The unique data structure of Redis and how to take advantage of the same
  • Which are Redis best practices?
  • How to Redis practices for maximum productivity?
Target Audience:
  • Software development managers
  • Software architects
  • System architects
  • Data architects and developers
  • The participants of the Redis Training course should carry work experience in software development and database design.

Module 1: Introduction to Redis

  • Redis Compared to Other Databases and Software
  • Features
  • Why Redis?

Module 2: What Redis Data Structures Look Like

  • Strings in Redis
  • Lists in Redis
  • Sets in Redis
  • Hashes in Redis
  • Sorted sets in Redis

Module 3: Redis Web Applications

  • Login and Cookie Caching
  • Shopping Carts in Redis
  • Web Page Caching
  • Database Row Caching
  • Web Page Analytics

Module 4: Commands in Redis

  • Strings
  • Lists Sets
  • Hashes
  • Sorted Sets
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Sorting
  • Transactions
  • Expiring Keys

Module 5: Data Management

  • Persistence Options
  • Snapshots
  • Append-only File Persistence
  • Rewriting/Compacting Append-only Files
  • Replication
  • Configuring for Replication
  • Master/Slave Chains
  • Verifying Disk Writes
  • System Failures

Module 6: Application Support

  • Logging to Redis
  • Counters and Statistics
  • Service Discovery and Configuration
  • Using Redis to Store Configuration Information

Module 7: Application Components

  • Distributed Locking
  • Fine-grained Locking
  • Locks with Timeouts
  • Counting Semaphores
  • Fair Semaphores
  • Refreshing Semaphores
  • Preventing Race Conditions
  • Task Queues
  • Distributing Files with Redis

Module 8: Search-based Applications

  • Searching in Redis
  • Basic Search Theory
  • Sorting Search Results
  • Sorted Indexes
  • Sorting Search Results with ZSETs

Module 9: Reducing Memory Use

  • Short Structures
  • The ziplist Representation
  • The intset Encoding for SETs
  • Performance Issues for Long ziplists and intsets
  • Sharded Structures
  • HASHes
  • SETs

Module 10. Scaling Redis

  • Scaling Reads
  • Scaling Writes and Memory Capacity
  • Handling Shard Configuration
  • Creating a Server-sharded Connection Decorator
  • Scaling Complex Queries
  • Scaling Search Query Volume
  • Scaling Search Index Size
  • Scaling a Social Network

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