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SAP FIORI Training aims to impart training on new user experience for sap software. The candidates learn about the modern design principles for a complexly re-imagined user experience. The SAP Fiori Course helps the candidate in enhancing their intelligence on SAP FORI App with with SAP WEB IDE  and introduces to the other essentials of SAP FIORI that helps in application building. This training helps the candidates in getting closer to their career goal.

After completing this SAP FIORI training the candidates would be able to:

  • Learn about the SAP FIORI Tools and Resources
  • Understanding SAP FIORI Decomposition and Recomposition
  • Learn how to create SAP FIORI App with SAP WEB IDE
  • Get a complete introduction to SAP FIORI Reference Apps- SAP FIORI 3.X 2.X Online Courses
  • Learn about the SAP FIORI UX Apps Extensibility – Hybrid Application Toolkit and how to make the use of the toolkit.
Target Audience
  • Developer
  • SAP Consultant
  • Full stack developer

Following are the prerequisites for this training:

  • SAP UI5
  • Basic knowledge on SAP ERP
  • Recommended to have HTML, JavaScript.
  • SAP ODATA, Netweaver Gateway.- sap fiori training
  • Introduction to SAP UX Strategy
  • Introduction to SAP FORI UX
  • SAP FORI Design Inspiration – SAP FORI 3.X 2.X Online Course
  • SAP FORI Tools and Resources
  • Introduction to SAPUI5 and ODATA
  • SAP FORI Design Guidelines
  • SAP FORI Decomposition and Recomposition
  • SAP FORI Prototyping with Mockups
  • Autonomy of an AP FORI Transactional App
  • Introduction to SAP Wev IDE
  • SAP Web IDE Development Basics
  • Creating an SAP FORI App with SAP WEB IDE
  • Enhancing your SAP FORI App with with SAP WEB IDE
  • Other consideration in Building an SAP FORI App
  • Introduction to SAP FORI Reference Apps- SAP FORI 3.X 2.X Online Courses
  • SAP FORI Launchpad in the Cloud
  • Introduction to SAP FORI Extensibility with SAPUI5
  • Extensibility with SAP WEB IDE
  • SAP FORI UX Apps Extensibility – Hybrid Application Toolkit
  • End – to – End Scenario Development

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