CAPM and PMP: which one to choose?

Project Management Training CourseMany professionals who want to gain a deep understanding about project management opt to go for training and certification exam. Two of the certification exams which are popular and widely preferred by professionals for project management are PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP). However many professionals during the course of selecting any one certification exam from PMI’s two exams confront a common question – which certification exam to choose; what’s the difference between them, and what’s best for them? Should they also enroll for CAPM Certification Training Program or Certified training in PMP? This article will explain and list down all topics areas and other details to help professionals decide what is best for them.

CAPM Certification:

About CAPM exam:

• 150 questions exam
• 3 hours given to complete the exam
• Multiple-choice questions
• Eligibility: High school diploma or recognized equivalent education
• 23 hours of project management training have to be attended

CAPM focuses on the following aspects of a project managment:

• Processes
• Framework
• Scope, Cost, Quality, Procurement and Time Management
• Integration
• Life Cycle and Organization
• Communications
• Human Resources
• Risk Control

Best suited for:

CAPM® Professional Certification is entry level course for people with no experience or 6 Months experience into Project Management.

PMP Certification

PMP imparts knowledge and skills to manage a project effectively. For the same, PMP certification acquaints professionals with each phase of a project. The best part being it makes professionals familiar with best techniques used in the industry. Certified training in PMP can be obtained from a PMP training institute in Noida. Generally, Registered Education Provider conduct 35 PDU’s Workshop of PMP program, one of the eligibility criterion for passing PMP certification.

About PMP exam:

• 200 questions exam
• 4 hours given to complete the exam
• Multiple choice questions have to be answered
• 35 hours training have to be attended
• Bachelor’s degree with 3 years of experience or High school diploma with 5 years of experience

PMP focuses on:

• Initiation of project
• Planning of project
• Execution of project
• Controlling and monitoring
• Closing of project
• Responsibility related at Professional and Social levels

Best suited for:

• PMP® certification best suited for professionals or project managers having Minimum 3 years experience in Project Management.

Thus professionals with less experience or want to get acclimatized with basics of project management can choose CAPM while professionals with vast experience and keen to delve deeper into project management can opt for PMP certification.


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