Professional PHP Training Course – Learn PHP from Certified Instructors to Become a World Class PHP Developer

After taking up a professional PHP training course, an immediate job position that can be taken up is a web developer. This professional should have a strong client and server side scripting skills. On the client side, a strong working knowledge of HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript Library (jQuery, prototype etc.) is essential. On the server side infrastructure part, knowledge of webserver technology (Apache), PHP server, Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL) etc. is essential.


Professional-PHP Training

Web developers wishing to progress into advanced areas must master AJAX, security issues, source control management, Model View Controller software architecture, PHP frameworks, Object Relational Mapper, etc. Many PHP developers try their programming skills on popular frameworks such as CodeIgniter or CakePHP. At this stage, using these frameworks, learning design patterns is feasible as well.

What is ZEND engine and why is it important to learn for a PHP developer?

An open source scripting engine, ZEND engine interprets PHP. Therefore, this engine is utilized internally as a compiler and runtime engine by the PHP programming language. When PHP scripts are loaded into memory and compiled, the final output is Zend opcodes. When these opcodes are executed the resultant HTML generated is sent for processing to the client from the server side. Often this aspect is learnt in detail in a core PHP training course.

PHP language constructs vs. built-in functions

PHP developers utilize the large collection of inbuilt functions of PHP, that can be called from within PHP files. Like functions, the language constructs are used in code as well. It is up to the PHP engine to interpret the function and construct. The language constructs are known to be faster than functions. This is because they are the basic elements of the programming language. All of this and more can be learnt at a professional PHP training course. Aspirants can pick the skills and knowledge required from certified instructors.


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