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MicroStrategy 10 Certification training is the aims to impart training on the essentials that help the developers in creating, monitoring, executing and scheduling the BI Reports & Dashboard processes. The candidates learn to create the Reports and Dashboards from MetaData through this training. Moreover, the MicroStrategy 10 Course helps the candidates in gaining a better job opportunity looking for the solution for Data Visualization issues of any size on any platform with ONLINE or OFF-LINE Production Data.

After completing the MicroStrategy 10 Certification training, the candidates would be able to:

  • Create the solution for Data Visualization issues of any size on any platform with ONLINE or OFF-LINE Production Data
  • Learn how to create Schema objects like Attributes, Facts and Hierarchies by using the Architect design tool
  • Learn how to create as well as manage the operational and analytical reports with dashboards by using BI tools
  • Learn how to integrate the data with Data Sources like Google Analytics, Hadoop and even social media platforms.
  • Learn to use the "Data Wrangling" that makes the data transfer much quicker and easier
Target audience
  • Analytics managers, who indulge in leading a team of BI Developers
  • Individual contributors, who are in Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • The Developers, who wish to accelerate their careers as MicroStrategy 10 Business Intelligence experts

Here are the prerequisites for this course:

  • Basic Knowledge of SQL
  • General relational database (Oracle)
  • Microsoft Windows GUI
  • Windows Command line and basics of Unix.

1. An Introduction to MicroStrategy 10

  • Introduction to MicroStrategy
  • MicroStrategy Architecture
  • MicroStrategy Components
  • MicroStrategy Developer
  • MicroStrategy Desktop
  • MicroStrategy Web
  • Installation & Administration
  • Configuration & Connectivity With Database
  • Understanding to Intelligence Server
  • Understanding to Intelligence Cube
  • MicroStrategy 10 New Features

2. Working with the Developer

  • Micro strategy Developer
  • Folder Structure
  • Folder Management
  • My Personal Objects
  • Public Object & Schema Object, Metadata
  • Creating and saving Reports in Desktop
  • Report Manipulations in Desktop
  • Data Manipulations & Style Manipulations
  • Creating and saving basic report filters
  • Creating
  • Formatting and saving basic metrics
  • Microstrategy OLAP services in Desktop
  • Report objects
  • View Filters
  • Derived Metrics
  • Creating and saving Basic prompts and searches
  • Creating a Dashboard Document
  • Designing a Dashboard
  • Publishing a Dashboard

3. Schema Development with Architect

  • Introduction to MicroStrategy Architect
  • The logical data model
  • The physical warehouse schema
  • Advanced Data modeling and schema design
  • Many to Many relationships
  • Creating MicroStrategy Attributes
  • Facts and Hierarchies

4. Reporting Services & dashboard Development

  • Introduction to Reporting Services
  • Document basics, Document design concepts
  • Useful design techniques
  • Derived summary and stacked metrics
  • Calculated expressions
  • Conditional formatting
  • Advanced Metrics & Filter
  • Creating a Dashboard and Setting up the default dashboard prompt

5. Working with Desktop

  • MicroStrategy Desktop
  • Getting Started with Analytics Desktop
  • Importing Data into Analytics Desktop
  • Creating and Modifying Dashboards
  • Analyzing Data in Dashboards
  • Organizing and Searching for Objects

6. MicroStrategy 10 BI Project

  • Developing a MicroStratregy 10 Project
  • Source System Understanding
  • Business Requirement Gathering
  • Preparation of BRD:Source-Data Mart or Relational Data Model Detailed Description / ER Diagram
  • Report KPI Calculations
  • List of Dimension-Attributes
  • List of Facts-Measures & Metrics
  • List of Report
  • List of Dashboard
  • MicroStrategy
  • Project Management With Desktop
  • Project Folder Creation
  • Database Connection
  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • Roles & Privileges
  • Object Creations
  • MicroStrategy Architect
  • As per the BRList of Attributes
  • List of Facts
  • List of Metrics
  • List of Hierarchies
  • MicroStrategy Dashboard
  • List of Dashboard
  • List of Charts
  • List of Users & Groups
  • List of Roles for Dashboard
  • Setting up the Main Dashboard Report for Applying Default Page Filter

7. MicroStrategy Admin

  • I SERVER Configuration and other configuration set ups - Creating metadata and metadata tables
  • Creating Schema
  • Creating History Lead Tables
  • Configuring Projects with DWH
  • Creating Project Sources
  • Setting Up Authentication Modes
  • Security Roles And Filters
  • Configuring I Server with Metadata and License Manager

8. MicroStrategy Migration

  • Object Migration with Object Manager - migrating objects from one environment to other
  • Project Merge
  • Project Duplication
  • Package Creation
  • User Merge

9. MicroStrategy Object Integrity Test

  • Object Test Through Integrity Manager - Single Project Test
  • Project v/s Worker's Project
  • Baseline v/s Project
  • Baseline v/s Baseline

10. Command Manager

  • Firing Commands Through Command Line - Creating bulk users
  • Creating Bulk User Subscription
  • Starting / Stopping I Server
  • Creating / Purging cache, etc.

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