CATIA V6 2013x - 103 Assembly Design Training

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The CATIA V6 2013x - 103 Assembly Design is an advanced technology that is being used to create assembly designs. The Assembly Design Training imparts enlightenment on the fundamentals of the CATIA Assembly Design workbench. Through this training the candidates will come to know about the methods of building assemblies that anticipate and minimize revisions; these methods help them in implementing the intelligence in creating their own assembly with ease. Assembly Design Course enables the enlightenment on the formulas and some selected toolbars that helps in Assembly management along with some of the geometry creation information which is helpful in creating sketches, axes, points, lines, patterns, etc. Moreover, the Assembly Design Training opens the gate of job opportunities for the candidates in the CAD/CAM/CAE industry with a recognized designation and a handsome salary package.

Through the Assembly Design Course, the candidates will learn about:

  • The candidates learn about the Parameters, Formulas, and Interpart Links Units
  • Through the training the candidates learn how to operate the formulas and the toolbars that are selected for Assembly management
  • The training throws light on Engineering Connections Project, such as: Disk Drive Product, Connector Assembly Structure, Creating Engineering Connection, etc.
  • The candidates come to know about the Product Specification Tree, the Design in Contect, Component manipulation, and a lot more.
Target audience
  • Designers
  • Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers, who all are required to understand how to implement, build, manage, and utilize virtual assemblies

The candidates should be aware of the CATIA V6 2013x - 100 Essentials for New Users.

1. 103ASM01_0 Launching CATIA V6

  • The PLM Story
  • Import IGI Models (Assembly Design)
  • Launching CATIA V6   
  • Choosing a Security Context
  • Launching CATIA V6 Summary

2. 103ASM01_1 Basic Assemblies

  • Basic Products Unit Introduction
  • Assembly Workbench and Toolbars
  • Product Overview
  • Product Structure
  • Product Terminology
  • Product Specification Tree
  • Propagate (Save)
  • Adding and Removing Components
  • Component Reposition Methods
  • Component Manipulation
  • Snap and Smart Move
  • Creating a Bottom-Up Product
  • Design in Context
  • Creating a Top-Down Product
  • Basic Products Unit Summary
  • Top Down Assemblies
  • Connector Assembly Structure (A#1)

3. 103ASM01_2 Engineering Connections

  • Engineering Connections Unit Introduction
  • Engineering Connections Overview
  • Creating Engineering Connections
  • Change Constraint
  • Engineering Connections Unit Summary
  • Engineering Connections Project
  • Connector Assembly Structure (A#2)
  • Disk Drive Product 1

4. 103ASM02_1 Introduction to Mechanism Design

  • Introduction to Mechanism Design Unit Introduction
  • Mechanism Overview
  • Creating Mechanism Representations
  • Using the Mechanism Manager
  • Creating New or Editing Existing Dressups
  • Introduction to Mechanism Design Unit Summary
  • Joint Assembly Project
  • Oil Pumping Rig with Mechanism

5. 103ASM02_2 Assembly Information and Duplication

  • Assembly Information and Duplication Unit Introduction
  • Assembly Information and Duplication Overview
  • Update All
  • Update Assistant
  • Assembly Find
  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • 3D Search
  • Reconnecting Engineering Connections
  • Multi Instantiation
  • Assembly Information and Duplication Unit Summary
  • Connector Assembly

6. 103ASM03_1 Assembly Geometry Creation

  • Assembly Geometry Creation Unit Introduction
  • Assembly Geometry Creation Overview
  • Creating Points
  • Creating Lines
  • Creating Plans
  • Creating Axes
  • Creating Sketches
  • Creating Patterns
  • Assembly Geometry Creation Unit Summary
  • Assembly Geometry Project

7. 103ASM03_2 Assembly Management

  • Assembly Management Unit Introduction
  • Assembly Management Overview
  • Select Toolbar
  • Manage Representations
  • VPM Physical Editor Workbench
  • Edit Links & Relations
  • VPM Physical Editor Options
  • Assembly Design Options
  • PLM Access Options
  • Assembly Management Unit Summary

8. 103ASM04_1 Parameters Formulas and Interpart Links

  • Parameters, Formulas, and Interpart Links Unit Introduction
  • Parameter and Formula Overview
  • Formula Operations
  • Creating and Editing Parameters
  • Options – Parameters
  • Interpart Formulas
  • Creating and Editing Links at the Product Level
  • Creating and Editing Component Links
  • Publication Overview
  • Creating Publications
  • Parameters, Formulas, and Interpart Links Unit Summary
  • Parameters
  • Radar Dish Link Assembly
  • Hood Published Assembly

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