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Magma training imparts casting process simulation skills. This training enhances the proficiency of the casting designers to come up conceptual and technical solutions. The participants learn how to improve the collaboration of casting designers with the downstream production chain. The use of MAGMA5 software for delivering training offers capabilities for solidification and cooling; simulating mold filling; property distributions; and microstructure formation for casting processes. The course allows you to understand casting processes for gray iron, large steel products, die cast and steel aluminum.

Magma training course is designed to give a comprehensive understanding on the following:

  • Magma tool and its features
  • Create sand mold and inlet
  • Import material from Magma database
  • Define and create new material
  • Perform temperature, time, pressure, velocity analysis during filling
  • Analyze air entrapment and turbulent during filling analysis
  • Conduct solidification and defect analysis
  • Implement porosity simulation
Target audience
  • Foundarymen
  • Tool makers
  • Casting designers/engineers
  • Mechanical students/professionals

While there is no formal pre prerequisite for this training, however candidates with a strong interest in casting process are the ideal participants for this course.

Introduction to Magma’s tool and it’s capability

Import CAD geometry

Creating sand mold

Creating inlet

Import material from magma database

Create new material

Material assigning


Material definition

  • Casting material assigning  
  • Filling temperature  assigning
  • Filling time assigning 

Filling analysis

  • Flow analysis
  • Temperature analysis during filling 
  • Air pressure analysis during filling
  • Air entrapment analysis
  • Turbulent analysis
  • Velocity analysis

Solidification analysis

  • Nature of solidification
  • Temperature analysis during solidification
  • Filling time
  • Hot spot
  • Defect analysis
    • Porosity
    • Isolated spot during solidification
  • Niyama

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