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Social Media, a platform that changed the face of business these days, launching the products on the internet has become a custom. Social Media Marketing courses are designed to insight the candidates about the futuristic consequences of adopting Social Marketing. The training is structured to impart training from introduction of Social Media to creating a set-up on Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and more.


Here the candidates would learn:

  • How to integrate the social media marketing strategies with common digital marketing strategies to achieve the potential of the business goals and brand growth.
  • To create unique ad formats for highly effective brand-specific marketing.
  • Executing social media campaigns as well as marketing strategy across all channels.
Target audience
  • PR Professionals
  • Brand Managers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs – Small & Large business owners
  • Students looking to get into the digital marketing industry

There is no specific skill set required for Social Media Marketing training as this is a beginner’s level training.

1. The Social Media Mix

  • Introduction
  • What is SMM
  • Different SMM Channels
  • Understanding the Benefits of SMM
  • Understanding the Cons of Social Media
  • Segmenting Your B2C Market
  • Social Media marketing policy
  • Protecting Your Brand
  • Minding your social media P's & Q's
  • Snipping Ugly URL's

2. Blogging

  • Determining Whether you need a Blog
  • Determining your Lofty or not so lofty goals
  • Creating Your 1st Blog Post
  • Setting Up a new Blog with Blogger
  • Creating a Blog Post with BloggerAdding Links Images & Videos
  • Hosting Your Blog with Word press
  • Discovering the Fine Art of Blogging

3. Twitter

  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Creating a Twitter Account
  • Setting Up your Twitter Page
  • Getting Your Feet Wet on Twitter
  • Twitter Vocabulary
  • Posting A Tweet
  • Finding people on Twitter
  • Following people on Twitter
  • Protecting and unprotecting your Tweets
  • About public and protected Tweets
  • Approving or denying follower requests
  • Types of Tweets
  • Hashtags on Twitter
  • Using the Discover tab
  • Twitter limits
  • Tweet Strategy for Your Business
  • Searching on Twitter Tweeple
  • Searching for Twitter activity for your type of business
  • Tweeting Like a Pro
  • Catching on to Twitter lingo
  • Starting Your Twitter Campaign
  • Becoming a Resource for Your Twibe
  • Twitter Rules of Etiquette (Twittiquette)
  • Giving and Getting Recommendations on Follow Friday
  • Tweeting from Your Desktop
  • Tweeting from Your Phone or iPod touch
  • Twitter Browser Plug-Ins, Extensions, and Interesting Web Sites
  • Marketing on Twitter via Peashoot
  • Using Twitter with Other Social Media Marketing
  • Getting Goodies from Twitter
  • Measuring Twitter Metrics

4. Facebook

  • What is Facebook?
  • Setting Up a Personal Facebook Account
  • Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your Business
  • Tweaking Your Facebook
  • Business Page
  • Getting Around on Facebook
  • Finding People to Like Your Business Page
  • Using a Page Badge to Promote Your Business Page
  • Chatting on Facebook
  • Using Facebook Features
  • Using SEO to Get Your Facebook Business Page Noticed
  • Using Facebook As a Marketing Tool
  • How to Make Ads/ promote your Page
  • Creating a Facebook group
  • Creating a Facebook Event
  • Using Facebook Tools and Applications
  • Adding your blog to Facebook
  • Analyzing Facebook Metrics

5. LinkedIn

  • What is LinkedIn
  • Advantages of LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Demographics
  • Your Network and Degrees of Connection
  • Setting Up a LinkedIn Account
  • Recommendation
  • LinkedIn Nuts and Bolts
  • LinkedIn Features
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Maximizing LinkedIn
  • Posting Job Ads
  • Company Page
  • Business Account
  • Measuring Your Results
  • Advertise With LinkedIn

6. YouTube

  • YouTube -Why this, Value of You Tube Displaying Advertising, Where Ads run in YT
  • YouTube ad formats & media purchase options
  • Bidding strategies for auction-based campaigns on YouTube
  • Setting up an Auction-Based vs Reservation campaign
  • Location & Language Targeting
  • Reserved media placements on YouTube
  • Planning and implementing a brand channel
  • New device targeting and bidding settings for video campaigns
  • Bulk uploads for your video campaign
  • Google tools to help generate creative for YouTube
  • Display ad builder
  • Concept of True View
  • True View in-display and in-search ads for YouTube
  • Ads for reservation buy

7. Instagram

  • Creating an Account
  • Getting Familiar with Instagram
  • Find Instagrammers to Follow
  • Account Settings
  • Sharing to Social Networks
  • Photo Taking, Editing and Sharing
  • Video on Instagram
  • Instagram Direct
  • Instagram on the Web
  • Instagram for Bussiness
  • Find Customers on Instagram
  • Share Brand Photos to Facebook
  • Using Instagram Brand Assets
  • Instagram PR Guidelines
  • Host a Photo Campaign
  • Create a Location Page
  • Get Started With the Insta gram API
  • Send Photos From Your App to Instagram

8. Pinterest

  • Creating an Account
  • Getting Familiar with Pinterest
  • Account Settings
  • Sharing to Social Networks
  • Photo Taking, Editing and Sharing

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