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MATLAB® and SIMULINK® Training Course Overview

MATLAB® and SIMULINK® training provides comprehensive coverage on the significant features of modeling and simulation required to develop applications for embedded systems. Participants will be introduced to a new software technique to work with hardware, MATLAB® (Matrix Laboratory). The training explains the step-by-step procedure for modeling using top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out approaches. Using MATLAB®, trainees will learn about matrix manipulation, plotting of command and images, create graphical user interface (GUI), provide external interface through serial port. Simulink, a data flow graphical programming language tool, is also covered in the training curriculum.

Upon the completion of the training, you will be able to:

  • Work in MATLAB® implementing the fundamentals of programming and complicated data structures including matrices, arrays and structures
  • Write scripts in MATLAB®
  • Create GUI an provide interface between MATLAB® script and GUI
  • Establish external interface to the real world through serial port based on RS232 protocol
  • Perform symbolic calculations
  • Use MATLAB® editor and debugger
  • Work on plot designing and create 2D, 3D, and scientific data based plots
  • Build MATLAB® GUI using GUIDE tool
  • Understand the fundamentals of Simulink and its interaction with MATLAB®
Target audience
  • Students from third and fourth year of BE / B. Tech. courses (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical, Computer Science, IT, Chemical).
  • Working professionals from different technologies including embedded systems, chemical, control among others.
  • Professionals willing to develop MATLAB® skills in their related fields.

There is no formal prerequisite for this training, however, the candidates interested in learning and utilizing MATLAB® skills in their respective domains can be benefited.

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MATLAB® and SIMULINK® Training Course Content

1. Introduction to MATLAB®

  • What is MATLAB®?
  • Elementary MATLAB® Constructs
    • MATLAB® Variables
    • Arithmetic Operations
    • Logical and Relational Operations
    • Mathematical Functions
    • Graphical Functions
    • I/O Operations
    • Import Wizard
    • Special I/O Functions
    • The MATLAB® Search Path
    • Elementary Matrix Manipulations
  • More Complicated Data Structures
    • Structures
    • Cell Arrays
    • Definition of Cell Arrays
    • Access to Cell Array Elements

2. How to deal with Matrices and Arrays in MATLAB®

  • Vector in MATLAB®
  • Matrices in MATLAB®
  • Methods of accessing Matrix Elements

3. Creating Scripts in MATLAB®

  • Matrices operations
  • Addition, subtractions of matrices of n numbers rows and columns
  • Multiplication of Matrices of nxm and mxn row column.

4. Plotting Commands

  • One dimensional plots
  • Two dimension plots
  • Three dimension plots

5. Flow control Commands

  • IF statements
  • While Statements
  • For Loops

6. User defined functions

  • Creating functions in MATLAB® environment
  • Calling functions
  • Executing functions

7. Functioning and use of predefined functions

  • Study of various predefined functions of MATLAB®
  • GUI development
    • Need of GUI
    • Creating GUI
    • Interfacing of MATLAB® script and GUI

8. External Interfaces (serial Port)

  • Interfacing the MATLAB® script to the real world through RS232
  • Study of commands required to send / receive data through serial port
  • Develop an application for interfacing external hardware to the PC throughMATLAB®.

9. The MATLAB® Desktop

10. MATLAB® Help

11. MATLAB® Programming

  • MATLAB® Procedures
  • MATLAB® Functions
  • MATLAB® Language Constructs
  • The Function eval
  • Function Handles
  • Solution of Differential Equations
  • M-File editing
  • Debugging M-file
  • Calling functions
  • Writing functions
  • Basic Input Output Functions
  • Data import & export
  • Text file& excel Sheets

12. MATLAB® Editor and Debugger

  • Editor Functions
  • Debugging Functions
  • Symbolic Calculations With The Symbolics Toolbox
  • Symbolic “Auxiliary Calculations”

13. Graphics

  • Introduction to graphs & plots
  • Different type of plot designing
  • 2D & 3D plots
  • Scientific data based plots
  • Plot editing & handling
  • Plotting Images

14. Graphical User Interface (GUI) Designing

  • Introduction To GUI
  • GUIDE tool
  • GUI Designing
  • GUI programming
  • GUI interfacings
  • Executable file Designing

15. Introduction to Simulink

  • What is SIMULINK®?
  • Operating Principle and Management of Simulink
    • Constructing a Simulink Block Diagram
    • Parameterizing Simulink Blocks
    • Simulink Simulation
  • Solving Differential Equations with Simulink
  • Simplification of Simulink Systems
    • The Fcn Block
    • Construction of Subsystems
  • Interaction with MATLAB®
    • Transfer of Variables between
  • Simulink and MATLAB®
    • Iteration of Simulink Simulations in MATLAB®
    • Transfer of Variables Through Global Variables
  • Dealing with Characteristic Curves

16. External Interface

  • Image Processing
  • Audio & Video Processing
  • Serial Port Interfacing

17. Practicals / Projects

  • Hello World
  • Personalized Hello World
  • Hello World with Input
  • Simple Menu
  • File Reading and Writing
    • Writing a File
    • Reading a File
  • Sorting
  • Working with Biological Images
    • Creating a Sub-image
    • Working with Multiple Images
  • Working with a Sound File
  • Permutations
  • Approaching a Problem and Using Heuristics
  • Making Permutations Faster
    • A Faster Way
    • Measuring Time
    • The Growth of the Problem
  • Search a File
    • A Side Note About System Commands
    • DNA Matching
    • Our Search Through a File
    • Buffering Our Data
    • A Further Check
    • Generating Random Data
  • Analyzing a Car Stereo
  • A Fun Sound Effect
  • Another Fun Sound Effect
  • Why Divide By 2?
  • Stereo Test Conclusion
  • Drawing a Line
  • Finding Points Along a Line
  • Coding the Solution to Points Along a Line
  • Drawing the Line
  • Drawing a Frame
  • Filling a Diamond Shape
  • Drawing an Entire Cube
  • Adjusting Our View
  • Epilogue

18. Solutions to the Problems

  • Solutions to the MATLAB® Problems
  • Solutions to the Simulink® Problems

19. Arithmetic MATLAB® Operations

  • Arithmetic Operations as Matrix Operations
  • Arithmetic Operations as Field Operations


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