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Raspberry Pi 3 training is all about managing the real time projects. However, the training enables the introduction to the LINUX and other operating procedures that would help in implementing the knowledge skillfully in the organization.

The training offers to gain hands-on experience in implementing the Raspberry Pi knowledge, this helps the candidates in developing  the electronic devices that will stream temperature and humidity data over the internet. Along with this Raspberry Pi training, the candidates would be able to:

  • Program a system in a manner that the device will automatically send the notification via email whenever the device exceeds the temperature limit.
  • Make smart use of the Operating Systems for Raspberry pi
  • Resolve the challenges given in the project processing
  • Get started With the NOOBS while preparing for the first use of Raspberry Pi
Target audience

The candidates aspiring to make their career in programming and development of a web or mobile softwares, where they have to deal with the operating systems and gain knowledge about Network and Troubleshooting should opt for the Raspberry Pi course.


The candidates should be from a technical background and aware of the basics of LINUX.

1. Raspberry Pi: An Introduction

  • Different Models of the Raspberry Pi
  • Why Raspberry Pi is important?
  • Peripherals of Raspberry Pi

2. Preparing for the Raspberry Pi for the First Use

  • Different Operating Systems for the Raspberry pi
  • Start With NOOBS
  • Booting for the First time.

3. How to Set Up for a Perfect Pi Experience?

  • Operation Procedures
  • What are the Do’s and Don’ts?
  • Updating the Pi to the Latest softwares
  • Setting various Options and Personalizing
  • Introduction to the LINUX terminal
  • Connecting to the Network and Troubleshooting

4. Familiarize with the GPIO Pins of your Pi

  • Pin numbering Formats
  • The Voltage hazard Information
  • About LED Interfacing
  • General information on other pins and their functionality
  • The First Button Interface with Raspberry Pi

5. Set Up Pi to be the Accessed Remotely

  • About the Remote Computing Basics
  • Connecting Raspberry Pi to the Remote Access Client
  • How to Use Raspberry Pi Remotely?

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