HR505 - Organizational Management Training

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Your organizational management data model is the foundation for position management, authorizations, approvals, MSS views, and reporting. An organization that correctly follows the rules and implements an appropriate organizational structure can ensure all business processes maximum performance.

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This HR505 - Organizational Management Training is ideal for the Business Process Owners, Managers, Application Consultants, Data Consultants, Team Leads, and Power Users. It will help you outline the basic structure of organizational management, verify an organizational structure configuration, and ensure that a newly added object is correctly linked to the organizational structure.

In its successful completion, you will learn:
  • How to make an integration between OM and other components?
  • How to outline the basic structure of Organizational Management?
  • How to configure multiple reporting structures using a matrix organization?
  • How to configure and verify an organizational structure configuration?
  • How to process organizational changes with Manager s Desktop?
  • How to process organizational changes with Manager s Self-Service?
  • How to make a relationship with a new object and ensure it is correctly linked to the organizational structure?
Target audience
  • Managers
  • Application Consultants
  • Data Consultants
  • Business Process Owners
  • Team Leads
  • Power Users
  • HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management [Essential]
  • HR305 Master Data Configuration [Recommended]

Module 1: Organizational Management Structures

  • Outlining Organizational Management (OM) Basics

Module 2: Organizational Management Concepts

  • Outlining Organizational Management Concepts
  • Finding Object Relationships
  • Planning Options in Organizational Management

Module 3: Organization and Staffing Framework

  • Identifying the Organizational Plan
  • Updating the Organizational Structure

Module 4: Expert Mode in Organizational Management

  • Maintaining Infotypes

Module 5: Simple Maintenance in Organizational Management

  • Maintaining Organizational Plans Using Simple Maintenance

Module 6: General Structures and Matrix Organizations

  • Maintaining General Structures
  • Maintaining Matrix Organizations

Module 7: Integration in Organizational Management

  • Setting Up Integration Switches
  • Loading OM Files

Module 8: Self-Services in Organizational Management

  • Updating Information Using Manager's Desktop (MDT)
  • Updating Information Using Manager Self-Service (MSS)

Module 9: Data Model Enhancements in Organizational Management

  • Outlining the OM Data Model
  • Modifying the Data Model
  • Creating Relationships
  • Creating Evaluation Paths

Module 10: Hierarchy Framework in Organizational Management

  • Customizing the Hierarchy Framework of the Organization and Staffing interface
  • Defining Search Nodes
  • Outlining Column Groups
  • Customizing the Structural Overview

Module 11: Evaluations and Reports in Organizational Management

  • Describing Structural Reports
  • Executing Standard Delivered Reports

Module 12: Case Study Organizational Structure Setup

  • Setting Up an Organizational Structure

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