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SAP IS Oil & Gas is an industry solution developed by the world-renowned software solutions provider SAP SE for the global oil and gas industry. This software tool (SAP IS-Oil) from SAP features, tools and automated processes that have been designed keeping in view the specific needs of the oil and gas sector. SAP IS Oil and Gas helps in effectively managing the intricate functions right from the wellhead to the gas station in their entirety; the various complexities of the Oil & Gas sector can be managed in a quick and reliable manner through this software tool. It even offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of different organizations. Due to the high utility of this SAP module, many big players in the Oil & Gas sector are, today, opting for this software solution. Needless to say, there is a growing demand for the SAP IS-Oil professionals in the industry and they are paid really well.

The SAP IS Oil & Gas training course offered by Multisoft Systems is quite comprehensive and goal oriented. The curriculum is well-researched and the training is given by industry experts to provide you with skills and knowledge that would enable you to prosper in this career.

Target Audience
  • Any Graduate who has a technical background
  • SAP Functional & Technical consultants
  • Fundamental knowledge about SAP
  • Work Experience or Knowledge of Oil & Gas industry

Oil Industry business overview in a nutshell

SAP IS OIL overview

HPM (Hydrocarbon Product Management)

  • Silo management Explained
  • Quantity Conversion Explained
  • Configuration settings
  • Material master data settings
  • Quantity conversion in Sales Cycle

MAP (Marketing, Accounting and Pricing)

  • Pricing scenario in Oil business
  • External Agencies in Pricing
  • Formula and Average pricing
  • Exercise on Formula and Average pricing
  • Gross/ Net pricing
  • Differential Invoice
  • Differential reference code
  • Contract pricing
  • Time pricing
  • Master data settings in pricing records/ customer master
  • Relevant configuration settings

MCOE (Marketing, Contracts, Order Entry)

  • Alternate plant determination
  • Item category redetermination
  • Last order entry
  • Contract call off restrictions
  • Associated Master data settings & Configurations in customer master/ material master
  • Associated sales contract/ sales order cycles

TD (Transportation and Distribution)

  • Significance of bulk TD
  • Transport Unit
  • Vehicle/ Driver
  • Vehicle Meters/ Rack Meters
  • Bulk TD process- Scheduling/ Loading confirmation/ Delivery confirmation
  • Exercise for Bulk TD process
  • TAS – Terminal Automation System Importance in TD
  • TPI – Transportation Planning Interface Importance
  • Delivery confirmation processing concept
  • Relevant Configurations/ Master data

TDP (Tariff, Duties and Permits)

  • Excise duty in Oil Industry
  • Terminologies- Handling type/ Valuation type/ Excise Duty group/ Excise Duty rate
  • Claim/ liability concept
  • Master data settings for excise duty
  • Sales cycle with excise duty
  • Licenses

EXG (Exchanges)

  • Nature of Oil Exchange process in Oil Industry
  • Partners in exchange scenario
  • Relevant master data
  • Exchange agreement
  • Sales cycle from exchange agreement
  • Associated Configurations
  • Concept of LIA ( Logical Inventory Adjustment)
  • Concept of Netting

TSW (Traders and Schedulers Workbench)

  • Location
  • Transport System
  • Partner role
  • Nomination
  • Ticketing
  • Basic TSW cycle for Sales side
  • Exercise for Basic TSW cycle
  • Concept of Junction Function
  • Associated master data
  • Basic Configurations

MRN (Marketing Retail Network) and BDRP (Bulk Distribution Replenishment Planning) and SSR (Service Station Retailing) – Concepts/Configuration/Master data/process

RLM – Conceptual Overview/Configuration/Master data

PRA/ JVA – Conceptual Overview/Configuration/Masterdata

Miscellaneous Concepts:

  • Integration of IS OIL with Other Modules
  • Team Structure in a typical IS OIL project
  • Resume Tips/ Possible interview questions
  • Two documents. One for theory and one for practice (Configuration/ Master data / How used in user environment ). Additional documents will be provided on industry/ TSW
  • Links will be provided to gather knowledge on the internet
  • Recording option available
  • Sample FS/ Config / other documents from real time projects

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