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Machine Learning is a field of science that enables computers and computer-based systems to learn from massive volumes of data without any explicit command or programming. Now, coming to SAP Leonardo with Machine Learning Foundation, it offers a robust platform for machine learning and data science that allows customers and partners to create intelligent applications. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation supports a number of capabilities for developers and data scientists that range from using customizable functional services for text, image, and speech processing, to training and deploying personal deep learning models for use in Intelligent Enterprise applications. This machine learning platform enables the organizations to use the huge amounts of their structured and unstructured data for business advantage by employing easy-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Today, SAP Leonardo is a leading brand in the market and it is in high demand. The top industries that generate the maximum jobs in this field are Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Healthcare. The job profiles associated with it provide lucrative salaries and a promising career path to the aspirants.

The SAP Leonardo with Machine Learning Foundation Training course will help you to fully comprehend the concepts and objectives of SAP Leonardo. You will understand the capabilities of this technology and will be able to develop intelligent applications by the end of this course.

Target Audience
  • IT Professionals
  • Executive Managers
  • Application Developers
  • Solution Consultants
  • Anyone interested in intelligent technologies like machine learning
  • Basic understanding of business processes within an enterprise structure
  • Basic knowledge of SAP functional module
  • A graduate degree in any discipline
  • SAP Leonardo Machine Learning
  • SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Capabilities
  • Intelligent Enterprise Applications
  • Business Use Cases for Enterprise Machine Learning
  • Ready-to-Use Functional Services
  • Consumption, Customizable Services, and Bring-Your-Own-Model
  • SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Roadmap

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