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SAPUI5 Training aims to insight the candidates on all the aspects of UI5 that proves to be helpful in creating simple UI5 application. The training is extensile with JAVA script based on HTML5 browser that renders the library for business applications. Moreover, the SAPUI5 Course Curriculum insights the candidates on resource handler in JAVA & Abap, Control libraries (javascript, CSS and image files), Test Suite (HTML, Javascript files), Core (Javascript files) and other design time essentials.

After completing the SAPUI5 Course Certification training, the candidates would be able to:

  • Learn about implementing the next generation controls- you will learn more about this tool in SAP UI5 Training
  • Learn about the  SAP product standard compliant powerful theming support based on the CSS
  • Learn about the what all the SAPUI5  includes the popular jQuery library
  • Develop understanding of web technologies such as: HTML5, Jquery, Odata,OpenAjax, Css3, LESS, ARIA abd D3.js.
  • Understand framework for building Web applications on the SAP platform
  • Develop an understanding of the SAP as well as non sap platforms governed by UI5 likewise: SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Netweaver as ABAP and SAP HANA XS.
  • Understand how to use the extensible UI component model, including the tooling support
Target Audience
  • Developer
  • SAP Consultant
  • Full stack developer

Following are some of the prerequisites for this training:

  • SAP Webdynpro ABAP
  • HTML, CSS and XML are added advantage
  • JAVA Swings- SAP UI5 Training

1. Introduction to SAP UI5

  • Scope of SAP and non-SAP programming in Application Development
  • System Requirements
  • Understanding eclipse platform
  • SAP UI Development Tool Kit for HTML5 – Demo kit

2. Creation of Simple UI5 Application

  • Introduction to UI5 Libraries and API reference

3. HTML Programming – Introduction

  • HTML Tags- SAP UI5 Training
  • Creation of web page with HTML

4. JAVA Script Programming – Introduction

  • Variable declarations
  • IF condition
  • Dealing with Arrays
  • Using Functions
  • Trouble Shooting- SAPUI5 Fiori Online Course

5. CSS Programming – Introduction

  • Creation Style Sheets
  • CSS Element ID Identification
  • Applying colors, gradients, float, background formatting, margins,  padding and font properties
  • Triggering CSS from Java Script

6. UI5 Application Project Folder Structure

  • Understanding auto generated code
  • UI5 Controls and API Reference

7. Using Controls From more Than One Library File

  • Table Control- SAP UI5 Training
  • Using Java Script Functions

8. Binding Data to Variable and Table from OData Services

  • Using oData Model for data binding
  • Using JSON Model for data binding

9. Message Controls

  • Layout Controls
  • Responsive Design

10. Trobuleshooting and Application Trace

  • Model View Controller for UI5- SAPUI5 Fiori Online Course
  • Navigating between multiple Views

11. Introduction to Web IDE

  • Using Master Details Template
  • Creating Views with XML
  • Understanding UI5 Explored API

12. Optimization Techniques – Fragements

  • Using layout Editor in Web IDE- SAP UI5 Training
  • Creating UI5 apps based on mobile library

13. Changing Design with Custom Style Sheet

  • SAP Theme Designer
  • Performance Considerations for UI5 development
  • Secured UI5 Application Development (Browser, Transport, Server and Integration)

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