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Adobe Illustrator Training Course Overview

Adobe Illustrator training course imparts the skills to use this graphic-driven software for creating vector graphics. Participants will gain insight on the features of the software for creating high- quality designs that can be used in both digital and print format. Aspirants will learn how to create images that can be scaled up to any extent without compromising with the quality. The graphics designing training course prepares you to create logos, icons, draw objects,maps, infographics, and other reziable images. Advanced printing methods are also discussed.

Upon the completion of the training, you will inculcate the following skills:

  • Understand different features, interface, and navigation of the software
  • Understand color combinations, color palette and use of fills, stroke, and color
  • Work with layers and create templates
  • Effectively use drawing, editing and symbol tools including lines, shapes, pen tool, pencil tool, brushes and cutting tools
  • Create graphs and charts
  • Perform type formatting, transparency, masking, and using envelope functions
  • Use filters and apply 3D effects
  • Create images and save for web in different formats
  • Apply advance printing options including Live Paint and exporting
Target audience
  • Artistics designer
  • Graphics designer
  • Web designer
  • Fine art students

While there is no prerequisite for this training, however candidates having strong interest in graphics designing particularly the vector graphics can undergo this training program.

Adobe Illustrator Training Course Content

Module 1. Illustrator: Getting Started

1. Introduction, Workspace & Navigation

  • Using the Welcome Screen
  • Introducing Vector Based Paths
  • Working with Layers in Illustrator
  • Introducing Anchor Points
  • Creating a New Document
  • Repositioning and Adjusting
  • View Saving the Document
  • Utilizing Illustrator Startup Documents
  • Page tool
  • Setting up Preferences
  • Using Color Settings
  • Configuring Palettes & Workspace
  • Using Navigations

2. Selections

  • Selection tool
  • Direct selection
  • Group selection
  • Selection lassos
  • Selecting stray
  • points Magic
  • wand selection

3. Smart Guides and Rulers

  • Ruler’s introduction
  • Creating guides Smart guides
  • Smart guide options
  • Grids
  • Measure and info tools

4. Fills and Stroke and Color

  • Introduction to Fill and Stroke
  • Modifying and Arranging the Stroke of an Object
  • Display Artifacts and Stroke Palette options
  • Filling and Arranging Objects in a document
  • Creating a fill Pattern
  • Color introduction
  • CMYK vs. RGB
  • An Overview of the Color Palette
  • The Color Spectrum Bar and Dialing in colors Black vs. Rich Black in the Color Palette
  • Creating and saving new Color Swatches Color picker
  • Color picker theft
  • Snap to pixel
  • Moving snap pixel

5. Gradients & Gradient Mesh

  • Gradients introduction
  • Using the Gradient
  • Tool Applying a Gradient
  • Editing gradients
  • Using the Gradient Palette
  • Using the Gradient Slider Bar Gradient libraries
  • Using Swatches
  • Adding Colors
  • Making Color Adjustments
  • Using the Eye Dropper Tool
  • Reviewing the Appearance
  • Palette and Gradients on Strokes
  • Creating a Gradient Mesh
  • Expanding a Gradient Mesh
  • Modifying Gradient Mesh Colors
  • Modifying Gradient Mesh Points and Control Handles
  • Applying Other Gradient Mesh Color Change Adjusting
  • Gradient Mesh Preferences
  • Blending Objects into the Gradient Mesh

6. Layers and Grouping

  • Layers introduction
  • Organizing layers
  • Selecting layers
  • Grouping layers
  • Locking Layers
  • Group selection
  • Duplicating
  • layers Sub-layers
  • Collect and flatten
  • Creating templates
  • Placing paths

Module 2. Illustrator Drawing, Editing and Symbol Tools

7. Drawing with Lines

  • Line segment tool
  • Arc tool
  • Spiral tool
  • Rectangular grid tool
  • Polar grid tool
  • Spaz line tool
  • Moving lines

8. Drawing with Shapes

  • Rectangle tool
  • Rounded rectangle tool
  • Ellipse tool
  • Polygon tool
  • Star tool
  • Flare tool
  • The spaz modifier
  • Using the Flip Tool to Mirror Shapes
  • Combining Shapes
  • Tilde Key Function

9. The Pen Tools and Path Editing

  • Pen introduction
  • Convert anchor point Additional and sub anchors Joining anchors
  • Introducing Path Transformations
  • Combining Path
  • Dividing Paths
  • Grouping Paths
  • Using Bridge
  • Creating a Tracing Template
  • Drawing with the Pen Tool
  • Modifying a Path
  • Using and Editing Spline Curves
  • Using Beziér Curves
  • Creating a Cusp Point
  • Modifying and Converting Beziér Curves
  • Using the Offset
  • Path Dialogue Box Cutting, Extending, and Closing Paths Filling Paths
  • Clipping with Mask

10. The Pencil Tools

  • Basic pencil tool
  • Smooth tool
  • Eraser tool

11. Drawing with Brushes

  • Paintbrush introduction
  • Calligraphic brush
  • Art brush
  • Pattern brush
  • Loading and saving brushes
  • Creating custom Brushes
  • Editing your art brush stroke
  • Converting Text to an Art Brush
  • Pressure sensitive Drawing with a tablet

12. Symbols Tools

  • Symbol introduction
  • Creating custom symbols Accessing
  • Symbol Libraries Manipulating and
  • Duplicating Symbols Altering All
  • Instances of a Symbol Replacing All
  • Instances of a Symbol Building blocks
  • Symbol sprayer
  •  Symbol shifter tool
  • Symbol scruncher
  • Symbol sizer
  • Symbol spinner
  • Symbol stainer
  • Symbol screener
  • Symbol styler
  • Saving default symbols

13. Transform tools

  • Scale tool
  • Scaling patterns
  • Rotation tool
  • Rotating a pattern
  • Reflect tool
  • Twist tool
  • Sheer tool
  • Reshape tool

14. Cutting tools

  • The scissor tool
  • The knife tool

15. Charts and Graphs

  • Creating graphs
  • Changing the graph type
  • Coloring graphs
  • Styling type
  • Column designs
  • Value divisions
  • Design markers
  • Other line graphs

16. Alignment and distribution

  • Re-positioning art
  • Object  Alignment
  • Mouse directed movement

Module 3. Type formatting, Filters and Effects

17. Working with Types

  • The type tool
  • Area type tool
  • Path type
  • Vertical type tool
  • Block text
  • Rows and columns
  • Wrap text Missing font
  • Creating outlines
  • Spell checking
  • Font attributes
  • Character palette
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Importing texts into Illustrator
  • Moving Text to a New Text Container
  • Moving Text and Altering Line Spacing
  • Type transformation
  • Copying Text formats

18. Appearance and Styles

  • Styles introduction
  • Multiple strokes and fills
  • Converting effect to shape
  • Group appearance
  • The text bug
  • Distort and transform
  • Offset path effect
  • Pathfinder effects
  • Rasterizing
  • Document Rasterization
  • Stylize effects
  • Pixel effects
  • Warp effects
  • Moving and linking styles
  • Sticky styles
  • Reducing and clearing styles
  • Making and saving styles
  • Over-riding character color

19. Transparency and Masking

  • Object opacity
  • Creating an Opacity Mask
  • Transparency Palette
  • Targeted transparency
  • Masking Edges with Clipping Masks
  • Transparency clipping
  • Transparency masking
  • Assigning Different Opacity for Stroke and Fill
  • Multiply Mode Knockout group Blending modes

20. Liquify, Enveloping and Meshes

  • Liquify tools
  • Liquify with Live Trace
  • Using the Warp Tool to Liquify
  • Preparing an Image for Liquify & Envelope
  • Envelope introduction
  • Using the Envelope Functions
  • Editing Enveloped
  • Content Using the warp
  • Using the mesh
  • Utilizing the top object
  • Text distortions
  • Envelope options

21. Filters

  • Filter introduction
  • Creating trim marks
  • Pen and ink
  • More lignifications

22. Effects

  • Effects introduction
  • 3D space and 3D Effects
  • Applying and Adjusting 3D Extrusion Effects
  • Applying and Adjusting Bevel effect
  • Lighting, Shading and Gradation
  • Mapping the Artwork onto the extruded object
  • Modifying the object and the Mapped artwork
  • Using Photoshop to help with 3D Effects
  • Applying and Adjusting 3D Rotation and Revolve Effects
  • Mapping Symbols onto 3D

23. Blending

  • Blending introduction
  • Blending multiple objects
  • Simple Color Gradients
  • Creating Custom Gradients via Blending
  • Cropping Custom Gradient Blends
  • Customizing Blends for Specific Shapes
  • Creating Blends between Two Shapes
  • Changing the Shape of Customized
  • Blends

24. Pathfinder Operations

  • An Introduction to the Pathfinder Operations
  • Working with the Pathfinder Palette
  • Comparing Pathfinder Behaviors
  • Joining Paths and the Miter Limit
  • Cropping, Uniting and Arranging
  • Selecting and Deselecting Paths
  • Fill Options and other pathfinder operations

Module 4. Illustrator: Web Application and Image integration

25. Saving for the Web

  • Viewing for the web
  • Web prep overview
  • Sizing images
  • Saving as jpeg
  • Matting a jpeg
  • Saving as gif
  • Making a lossy gif
  • Gradients and gif
  • Saving as swf
  • Swf problems
  • Saving as svg
  • Svg effects

26. Slicing for the Web

  • Creating slices
  • Slice options
  • Optimizing slices

27. Image Maps

  • Creating image maps
  • Saving and previewing

28. Image and Photoshop Integration

  • Placing images
  • Linking
  • Photoshop layers
  • Type for Photoshop
  • Photoshop shapes

29. Variables Palette

  • Making variables
  • Styling variables
  • Automating printing
  • Graph variables
  • Changing data
  • Saving and loading data
  • Linked images
  • Deleting a data set

Module 5. Illustrator: Advanced and Printing options

30. Pre-Assembly

  • Introducing Live Effects
  • Dealing with Fills and Strokes
  •  Using the Scribble Dialogue Box Managing the Appearance
  • Palette Introducing the Transform
  • Command Reapplying the Transform
  • Command Modifying
  • Stroke Attributes
  • Changing the Transform Origin
  • Saving and Loading Graphic Styles

31. Dynamic Type Treatments

  • Transform Effects and Stacking Order
  • Text Effects, Warnings and Selection Settings
  • Applying the Warp Effect and Editing Text
  • Applying a Stroke and Transforming the Text
  •  Thickening the text using Path options
  • Creating Drop shadows & Text Effects
  • Filling Text with Color and Gradients

32. Auto Trace and Live Trace

  • Auto trace
  • Auto trace preferences
  • Reviewing Files for Live Trace
  • Using the Live Trace Tool
  • Applying Threshold and Minimum Area
  • Reviewing Adjustments and View Tracing
  • Option Reviewing Trace Settings Tracing
  • Option Expanding Traced Items to Paths
  • Using Tracing Options for Color
  • Altering Swatches in Color Tracing

33. Live Paint

  • Live Painting Fills
  • Live Painting Strokes Live
  • Paint-Bucket Basics Live
  • Painting Update on Fly
  • Paint Bucket Tricks
  • Live Painting Paths Leaving
  • Isolation Mode Selecting
  • Paths in Live Paint Selection
  • Tool in Live Paint Layering
  • Strokes in Live Paint Live
  • Painting a Trace
  • Gap Detection
  • Close Gaps with Paths

34. Customizing the Keyboard

  • Creating your own shortcuts

35. Printing & Exporting

  • Setting Document Trim Size
  • Creating Page Bleed
  • Setting Imageable Portion of Output Page
  • Preparing General Setup Output Settings
  • Preparing Print Bleed Settings
  • Preparing Printer Settings
  • Altering Document Rasterize Settings
  • Saving Print Settings
  • Exporting Documents as Different File Types


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