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Multisoft is a Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, and Cisco certified training institute, which is offering you a wide range of instructor-led online training courses on the latest technologies, such as Adobe Flex Training. Adobe Flex is the newest offering of Adobe. It is an open-source application framework which is used in the development of web applications across major browsers and operating systems. It is featured with a powerful IDE, a rich GUI, and helps in achieving complex GUI tasks with minimal code.

We provide hands-on training to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) for the Adobe Flash Platform. Our trainers make the use of Adobe Flex 4.5 framework and emphasize on custom components, layout control, text and style control, spark component skinning, remote data access, and validating and formatting data. These trainers are sufficiently trained and delivers updated training classes to the aspirants of Adobe Flex Training course.

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:
  • The features of Eclipse and Adobe Flash Builder
  • The MXML syntax, ActionScript, Events, and other scripting components
  • Different RIAs, the features of Adobe Flex and its versions and why it is used
  • Using Visual Components, Charts, Graphs and Styles
Target Audience:
  • This Adobe Flex training is designed for the developers and software professionals who are willing to pursue a career in Flex and create web and mobile applications.
  • The aspirants of Adobe Flex Training should be familiar with any programming language and a text editor. They need to have in-depth knowledge in web technologies such as HTML, AJAX, and CSS.
  • Introducing Adobe Flex 4.5
  • Understanding Flex 4.5 Fundamentals
  • Introducing Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding Components and Layouts
  • Handling Events
  • Using the Form Container
  • Validating form data
  • Controlling Navigation
  • Controlling Application State
  • Animating Components and States
  • Controlling Visual Display with Styling
  • Skinning Spark Components
  • Implementing Advanced Skinning Techniques
  • Accessing Remote Data
  • Creating a Typed Data Model
  • Extending Events
  • Rendering Content with the DataGroup Container
  • Displaying Data Using the DataGrid
  • Deploying Flex and AIR Applications

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