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The Rhino Intermediate & Advanced Training Program is designed to accurately model and document designs, including animation, drafting, drawing, physical model and sketch, engineering, analysis, manufacturing, and construction. The training professionals are likely to get employed in the electronic media industry, jewelry design industry, automotive industry, product design industry, and furniture design industry.

Multisoft Systems is a pioneer in providing an extensive range of corporate training programs. The Rhino Intermediate & Advanced Training Program provided by us give the participants the opportunity to learn from certified and highly experienced trainers; it prepares them to implement real-time Rhino 3D. Our training team helps the design and engineering professionals in improving the overall knowledge of Rhino. We focus on both intermediate and advanced concepts of Rhino.

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:

  • Focus on the design and visualization aspect of Rhino
  • Master the art of using Rhino
  • Accurately model and document designs, including drawing, physical model and sketch,
  • Work with rendering, drafting, animation, engineering, analysis, manufacturing, and construction
  • Quickly develop their designs and accurately communicate them to everyone in the product research, manufacturing, and marketing
Target Audience

The professionals who have attended the Rhino Intermediate & Advanced Training are working in the following industries:

  • Jewelry Design
  • Artists and Sculptors
  • POS and Structural Packaging
  • Film and TV
  • Set Design
  • Automotive Industries
  • Product Design
  • Furniture Design
  • The aspirants of the Rhino Intermediate & Advanced Training are supposed to carry the experience of using the product for more than four weeks (depending on his/her previous and general CAD experience) or have completed the Simply Rhino Level 1 course.

Module 1: Rhino Refresher

  • Modelling Constraints
  • Construction Planes
  • Modelling History
  • Viewport Properties

Module 2: NURBS Topology

  • NURBS Topology Explained
  • Curve and Surface Degree
  • Control Points and Edit Points
  • Knots
  • Point Editing and Rebuilding
  • Rational and Non-Rational Geometry
  • Four Sided Methodology
  • Untrimmed and Trimmed Surfaces
  • Control Point Distribution and Weighting

Module 3: Evaluation Tools

  • Curvature Graph and G-Con
  • Curvature Analysis
  • Environment Maps and Zebra
  • Edge
  • Tools
  • Point Set Deviation

Module 4: Controlled

  • Optimisation of key construction curves
  • Understanding the Four-Sided Surface principle
  • Choosing and appropriate method to build the surfaces
  • Adjusting and creating iterations with History

Module 5: Orient & Array Tools

  • Project & Project Object
  • Pullback
  • Squish and Squishback
  • Orient on Curve
  • Orient on Surface
  • Splop

Module 6: Audio Pod Concept

  • Creating a precise shape with Loose Loft
  • Exploration of the shape with Rhino History
  • Surface Analysis
  • Adding surface detail with Knots and Move UVN
  • Joined vs Merged surfaces

Module 7: Space Station Storage Dock Assembly

  • Importing 2D Data (DWG, DXF, AI etc) into Rhino
  • Cleaning up the legacy data
  • Working to a local origin
  • Gumball Manipulator
  • Sub Object Selection
  • Solid
  • Tools

Module 8: Large Models

  • Layers
  • Blocks
  • Worksessions

Module 9: Modelling Strategy

  • Working with Sketches
  • Advanced Picture Frame usage
  • Quick Conceptual Model Strategy
  • Checking for Watertight Joints
  • Filleting and Blending Strategies
  • What to do when Fillets fail
  • Shelling Strategies
  • Adding Lip, Rib and Boss Details

Module 10: T-Splines

Module 11: Perfect STL Files

Module 12: Presentation

  • Sections and Contours
  • Section Tools Plug-In
  • Curves from Objects
  • Make 2D
  • Clipping Planes
  • Page Layouts
  • Animation Tools

Module 13: Exchanging Data

Module 14:V-Ray Render

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