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Application Setup in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 training focuses on the cross-application oriented work involved in the setup and maintenance of rules, data, and users on company-wide scale. Participants will learn the use of RapidStart Services for the application setup and can compare the difference between the manual work and automated work. MS Dynamics NAV training will discuss the best practices to be followed to maintain security at different levels. Focus is also laid on the purpose of journal templates and batches. Dimensions and document approval system is also covered in the training program.

Upon the completion of the training, you will exhibit the following skills:

  • Learn how to use RapidStart Services for the application set up, data migration, transferring opening balances and compare all the processes with manual working
  • Demonstrate authentication process for managing users and associated rights
  • Understand the purpose of company-wide number series along with its setup and creation
  • Navigate the Audit Trail
  • Determine the necessity and creation of journal templates and journal batches
  • Understand the benefits of posting groups and using dimensions
  • Setup and manage Purchase Document Approval System
Target audience
  • Candidates involved in the selling and implementation of the finance module
  • Aspirants responsible for creating various kinds of reports

The intended candidates for this training must have the following skills:

  • Working experience on ERP user roles
  • Knowledge of basic accounting principles
  • Completed course 80439A: Introduction in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Course 80435A: Application Setup in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

1: Set Up a Company by Using RapidStart Services

  • Manual Setup vs. RapidStart Services
  • Rapid Start Services Process Flow
  • Create and Export a Configuration Package
  • Configure a New Company by Using RapidStart Services
  • Data Migration by Using Rapid Start Services
  • Transfer Opening Balances by Using RapidStart Services

2: Manage User Rights and Profiles

  • Authentication
  • Set Up User Rights
  • Create a New Permission Set
  • Apply Security Filters
  • User-Specific Setup
  • User Profile Setup
  • Best Practices

3: Set Up Number Series

  • Explain the purpose of company-wide number series.
  • Set up number series.
  • Create number series relations.

4: Set Up Trail Codes

  • Lessons 1 to 3: Source Code and Reason Codes
  • Navigate the Audit Trail

5: Set Up General Journals Templates and Batches

  • Journal Templates, Batches, and Lines
  • Create Journal Templates and Batches

6: Set Up Posting Groups

  • Specific Posting Groups
  • General Posting Groups
  • General Posting Setup
  • VAT Posting Groups
  • VAT Posting Setup
  • Best Practices
  • Post and Review a Sales Transaction

7: Set Up Dimensions

  • Dimensions and Dimension Values
  • Setting Up Dimensions in General Ledger Setup
  • Dimension Combinations
  • Lessons 4 to 5: Default Dimensions and Account Type Default Dimensions
  • Default Dimension Priority
  • Conflicting Default Dimensions

8: Set Up and Manage Document Approvals

  • Set Up Document Approvals
  • Set Up the Notification System
  • Set Up a Sales Document Approvals System
  • Use the Document Approval System


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