DP-300 - Azure Database Administrator Associate Training

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Multisoft Systems has designed this DP-300 Azure Database Administrator Associate Training to deliver the SQL Server Database Infrastructure knowledge on the cloud. It is ideal for data professionals, data architects, and application developers. It is also suitable for professionals who are responsible for developing applications that can deliver content from SQL-based relational databases.

Azure Database Administrators make the use of tools and methods for performing day-to-day applications. This DP-300 Azure Database Administrator Associate will help you in learning how to implement data sensitivity solutions, how to identify problem areas, how to evaluate potential query improvements and define maintenance tasks related to performance. You will be able to tune a database and monitor database performance after attending this course. At Multisoft, efficient and Microsoft-certified instructors will deliver this training with real-life examples. Plus, our institute is positioned in a well-connected location.

In its successful completion, you will learn:
  • Describe and configure both data-at-rest encryption solutions
  • Implement a data sensitivity solution
  • Analyze query plans and identify problem areas
  • Evaluate potential query improvements
  • Differentiate Windows, SQL Server and Azure Active Directory Authentication
  • Define maintenance tasks related to performance
  • Identify major causes of performance problems
  • Configure Azure resources to host SQL Server on a Virtual Machine
Target audience
  • Data Architects
  • Application Developers
  • Data Professionals who are responsible for managing data and databases
  • You need to be familiar with Azure Fundamentals, Azure Data Fundamentals, and Azure SQL if you are planning to earn the DP-300 Azure Database Administrator Associate on Microsoft Azure Training. However, work experience with Azure is another necessity of this classroom training. If you have earlier worked with Azure, you will find it easier to attend this course under Database Domain.

Module 1: The Role of the Azure Database Administrator

  • Azure Data Platform Roles
  • Azure Database Platforms and Options
  • SQL Server Compatibility Levels
  • Azure Preview Features

Module 2: Plan and Implement Data Platform Resources

  • Deploying SQL Server using PaaS
  • Deploying Open Source Database Solutions on Azure
  • Deploying SQL Server using IaaS

Module 3: Implement a Secure Environment

  • Implement Security for Data in Transit
  • Implement Security for Data at Rest
  • Implement Compliance Controls for Sensitive Data

Module 4: Monitor and Optimize Operational Resources

  • Lessons to be learned: 
  • Configuring Resources for Optimal Performance
  • Performance-related Maintenance Tasks
  • User Database Configuration
  • Baselines and Performance Monitoring
  • Major Causes of Performance Issues

Module 5: Optimize Query Performance

  • Understanding SQL Server Query Plans
  • Explore Performance-based Database Design
  • Evaluate Performance Improvements

Module 6: Automation of Tasks

  • Setting up Automatic Deployment
  • Defining Scheduled Tasks
  • Configuring Extended Events
  • Managing Azure PaaS resources Using Automated Methods

Module 7: Plan and Implement a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Environment

  • IaaS Platform and Database Tools for HADR
  • PaaS Platform and Database Tools for HADR
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Database Backup and Recovery

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