M20768 - Developing SQL 2016 Data Models (SSAS) Training & Certification Course

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SSAS stands for SQL Server Analysis Services is an advanced technology offered by Microsoft Business Intelligence to build Online Analytical Processing solutions. It is used to create cubes with using data from data warehouse for rapid data analysis. Initially it was an OLAP solution based on multi-dimensional structures that are one possible physical implementation of the star schema logical design. With the arrival of Tabular model, SSAS is now providing optimum performance analyses without the difficulty of a cube and its language MDX.

Multisoft systems provide you SSAS training program where students with no experience in analytics and data science would be taught from basic to advanced data science topics. The program is designed to help students gain in depth knowledge of OLAP, data mining and analytics, which can get you handsome packages based on your working experience on MDX, SSAS, DAX and Data Mining. The hands on training program cover all the topics for administrators, developers as well as aspiring data scientists. The training program equips you with several analysis techniques, discovery trends and creating OLAP cubes for generating business insights. During the training program, you will be:

  • Learning how SSAS helps deploy quality BI solutions
  • Querying and manipulating data with MDX
  • Designing Online Analytical Processing Cubes
  • Data source views and data schemas
  • Cube hierarchy extension and advanced dimension relationship
  • Cube operations and limitations
  • Deploying data mining for improved Business Intelligence
  • Mastering in-memory analytics techniques

Why SSAS training?
SSAS is a robust data analytics service to make sense of huge volumes of data in a data warehouse. There is a great demand of SSAS professionals who are well equipped with OLAP Cubes, multidimensional data modeling, and deriving business insights out of it. This training from Multisoft systems will help you become SSAS tool to get the best jobs in the MNC’s.

Who is the Target Audience?
  • Database professionals who create enterprise BI solutions
  • Candidates who develop applications in import content from the Analysis Service
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL
  • Working knowledge of relational databases

After successfully completing the Developing SQL 2016 Data Models (SSAS) Training & Certification Course, the candidate will receive a training completion certificate from Multisoft Systems

Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • The Microsoft business intelligence platform

Creating Multidimensional Databases

  • Introduction to multidimensional analysis
  • Course details
  • Creating data sources and data source views
  • Creating a cube
  • Overview of cube security

Working with Cubes and Dimensions

  • Configuring dimensions
  • Define attribute hierarchies
  • Sorting and grouping attributes

Working with Measures and Measure Groups

  • Working with measures
  • Working with measure groups

Introduction to MDX

  • MDX fundamentals
  • Adding calculations to a cube
  • Using MDX to query a cube

Customizing Cube Functionality

  • Implementing key performance indicators
  • Implementing actions
  • Implementing perspectives
  • Implementing translations

Implementing a Tabular Data Model by Using Analysis Services

  • Introduction to tabular data models
  • Creating a tabular data model
  • Using an analysis services tabular model in an enterprise BI solution

Introduction to Data Analysis Expression ﴾DAX﴿

  • DAX fundamentals
  • Using DAX to create calculated columns and measures in a tabular data model

Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining

  • Overview of data mining
  • Using the data mining add‐in for Excel
  • Creating a custom data mining solution
  • Validating a data mining model
  • Connecting to and consuming a data mining model


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