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If you are an ambitious developer, you should upgrade your web development to explore more possibilities. NativeScript is a popular cross-platform framework; it enables you to write and deploy native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows using a single code base. Pursue the NativeScript training to install a simple workflow via network request, implement an MVVM (Model View View Model) architecture, utilize native APIs via JavaScript code, and access native UI styles via CSS.

We are instrumental in providing practical, hands-on training, and help the developers in understanding the nuances of this open-source framework. Get NativeScript training workshop from our highly experienced trainers. We provide this training in accordance with the international norms and standards.

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:
  • Deal with the introduction and installation of NativeScript
  • Handle the architecture and life cycle of mobile applications
  • Work with Modules, User Interface, Plugins and API's
Target Audience:
  • We have outlined this course for the mobile application developers who are seeking to develop native mobile applications for iOS or Android.
  • To attend the NativeScript classes, an aspirant needs to have basic knowledge in CSS and JavaScript.

UNIT 1: Introduction

  • What is NativeScript?
  • Setting Up & Running
  • NativeScript Installation & Environment Configuration
  • Add target development platforms
  • Deployment workflow

UNIT 2: Core concepts

  • Application Architecture and Life cycle
  • Modules and Databinding
  • Events and Properties
  • Accessing Native API’s
  • Multithreading model

UNIT 3: Building the User Interface

  • Directory Structure
  • Addition of UI components
  • Layout and Layout Containers
  • Support for Multiple screens

UNIT 4: Adding Application Logic

  • The code-behind file
  • Navigating Screens
  • Accessing UI components
  • Adding a View Model

UNIT 5: NativeScript Modules

  • Connecting to backend
  • Dialog Module
  • ListView
  • Working with arrays
  • Grid Layouts
  • ActivityIndicator
  • Animations

UNIT 6: Plugins and npm modules

  • Using npm modules
  • Using NativeScript plugins

UNIT 7: Accessing Native API

  • Customize Actionbar for iOS
  • Deleting from a list - Android &iOS

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