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Microsoft Windows Phone (Mobility) Training Course Overview

Microsoft Windows Phone (Mobility) training provides proficiency in building XAML skills and developing Silverlight and WPF applications using Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4. These applications will run for Windows desktops, Web, and Windows Phone 7 devices. Through this training the candidates can learn the ways to optimize the design of the applications and develop code to access data using the ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET, WCF Data Services, LINQ, and Sync Framework.

Windows Phone training courseware is comprised of three courses namely, Fundamentals of XAML and Microsoft Expression Blend, Developing Data Access Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Phone Applications.

At the completion of this training, following skills will be inculcated in you:

  • Create XAML based objects and applications.
  • Create Silverlight applications and interactive user interface using layout controls, hosting controls, and InitParams.
  • Implement animations, transformation, visual states, and binding in XAML-based applications.
  • Compare data access technologies and implement the most suitable to solve the real world problems.
  • Create, update, query, and delete Entity Data.
  • Work with Object Services model implemented by the Entity Framework.
  • Reuse existing business classes by using the Entity Framework.
  • Build and handle updates in an N-Tier Solution by using the Entity Framework.
  • Building Occasionally Connected Solutions.
  • Design, develop, update, and query data by using WCF Data Services.
Target audience
  • Web developers
  • Windows Forms developers
  • .NET software developers

The candidates with following programming experiences on Visual Studio 2010 can undergo this training:

  • Windows Forms desktop applications
  • ASP.NET Web applications
  • Database connectivity using the Entity Framework, LINQ, and ADO.NET

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Microsoft Windows Phone (Mobility) Training Course Content

1. Binding in XAML

  • Introduction to XAML-Based Applications
  • Tools for Designing and Developing XAML-Based Applications
  • Anatomy of a XAML-Based Application

2. Creating Vector Graphics with Expression Studio 4

  • Creating Vector Graphics with Expression Blend 4
  • Creating Vector Graphics with Expression Design 4
  • Importing Vector Graphics into Expression Blend 4

3. Laying out a XAML-Based Application

  • Organizing Controls in the User Interface
  • Adding and Manipulating Controls

4. Developing and Debugging XAML-Based Applications

  • Developing WPF Applications
  • Developing Silverlight Applications
  • Hosting Silverlight Applications
  • Debugging XAML-Based Applications

5. Creating Controls Programmatically and Working with Media Files

  • Creating and Using Controls Programmatically
  • Working with Media Files

6. Working with Resources, Styles, Control Templates, and Behaviors

  • Working with Resources
  • Working with Styles and Control Templates
  • Working with Actions, Triggers, and Behaviors

7. Implementing Transforms, Animations, and Visual States

  • Transforms in XAML-Based Applications
  • Animations in XAML-Based Applications
  • Implementing and Working with Visual States

8. Binding in XAML

  • Property Binding in XAML-Based Applications
  • Data Binding in XAML-Based Applications

9. Prototyping Applications by Using SketchFlow in Expression Blend 4

  • Prototyping Applications with SketchFlow
  • Packaging and Reviewing Prototypes Developed with SketchFlow

10. Architecture and Data Access Technologies

  • Data Access Technologies
  • Data Access Scenarios

11. Building Entity Data Models

  • Introduction to Entity Data Models
  • Modifying the Entity Data Model
  • Customizing the Entity Data Model

12. Querying Entity Data

  • Retrieving Data by Using LINQ to Entities
  • Retrieving Data by Using Entity SQL
  • Retrieving Data by Using EntityClient Provider
  • Retrieving Data by Using Stored Procedures
  • Unit Testing Your Data Access Code

13. Creating, Updating, and Deleting Entity Data

  • Understanding Change Tracking in the Entity Framework
  • Modifying Data in an Entity Data Model

14. Handling Multi-User Scenarios by Using Object Services

  • Handling Concurrency in the Entity Framework
  • Transactional Support in the Entity Framework

15. Building Optimized Solutions by Using Object Services

  • The Stages of Query Execution
  • Change Tracking and Object Materialization
  • Using Compiled Queries
  • Using Design-Time Generated Entity Framework Views
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Performing Asynchronous Data Modifications

16. Customizing Entities and Building Custom Entity Classes

  • Overriding Generated Classes
  • Using Templates to Customize Entities
  • Creating and Using Custom Entity Classes

17. Using POCO Classes with the Entity Framework

  • Requirements for POCO Classes
  • POCO Classes and Lazy Loading
  • POCO Classes and Change Tracking
  • Extending Entity Types

18. Building an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework

  • Designing an N-Tier Solution
  • Defining Operations and Implementing Data Transport Structures
  • Protecting Data and Operations

19. Handling Updates in an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework

  • Tracking Entities and Persisting Changes
  • Managing Exceptions in an N-Tier Solution

20. Building Occasionally Connected Solutions

  • Offline Data Caching by Using XML
  • Using the Sync Framework

21. Querying Data by Using WCF Data Services

  • Introduction to WCF Data Services
  • Creating a WCF Data Service
  • Consuming a WCF Data Service
  • Protecting Data and Operations in a WCF Data Service

22. Updating Data by Using WCF Data Services

  • Creating, Updating, and Deleting Data in a WCF Data Service
  • Preventing Unauthorized Updates and Improving Performance
  • Using WCF Data Services with Nonrelational Data

23. Using ADO.NET

  • Retrieving and Modifying Data by Using ADO.NET Commands
  • Retrieving and Modifying Data by Using DataSets
  • Managing Transactions and Concurrency in Multiuser Scenarios

24. Using LINQ to SQL

  • Implementing a Logical Data Model by Using LINQ to SQL
  • Managing Performance and Handling Concurrency


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