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Go for the Sailpoint Identity Now Training to get an advanced level knowledge of the IAM solution! To earn this ocurse, you only need basic knowledge of Java and MySQL programming language and fundamental knowledge of IdentityIQ login and access management. Delivered by certified professionals, Multisoft Systems is offering this course as a blend of hands-on classes and practical examples. We have designed this course for Software Developers, Software Testers, and Java Developers who are interested to start their careers in SailPoint IAM.

The need of identity management system is in ever-increasing rate and the companies are using SailPoint to to reduce the risk factors and boost business growth. Sailpoint Identity Now Training will help you in knowing the concepts of application on-boarding and correlation, basics of IdentityIQ architecture, and teach you how to execute troubleshooting, debugging, and console. You will become a master of working with workflows, reports, provisioning broker, and engine.

Sailpoint Identity Now Course Objective
  • How to execute troubleshooting, debugging, and console?
  • How to go through reports, workflows, provisioning broker, and engine?
  • What is Strong Authentication? How to deal with Strong Authentication Configuration?
  • How to work with Campaign filters, Entitlements, and Certification Process?
  • Which are the basics of IdentityIQ architecture and its key features?
  • How to execute a management approach using IdentityIQ internals?
  • Which are the concepts of application on-boarding and correlation?
Sailpoint Identity Now Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 24x7 After Training Support
Sailpoint Identity Now Target Audience
  • Java Developers interested to start their career in SailPoint IAM
  • Software Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Professionals looking forward to start the career in SailPoint
  • Professionals willing to change the career domain to identity and access management (IAM)
Sailpoint Identity Now Course Prerequisites
  • Basic knowledge of Java and MySQL programming language
  • Fundamental knowledge of IdentityIQ login and access management
Sailpoint Identity Now Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completing the Sailpoint Identity Now Training.

Sailpoint Identity Now Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Identity Now

  • Cloud Based Identity as a Service (Iaas)
  • Introduction to Passwords management
  • Single Sign On in Identity Now
  • Access certification in Identity Now
  • Provisioning in Identity Now
  • Enterprise grade Security
  • Identity Experience and Heritage
  • Unified Governance and Visibility

Module 2: Password management

  • Password Reset
  • Password Policy
  • Password Management Flow
  • Password Synchronization

Module 3: Single Sign on

  • Benefits of Single Sign on
  • Windows Authentication
  • Password replay
  • Federation (SAML)
  • What is Strong Authentication
  • Strong Authentication Configuration
  • Single Sign on Configuration on Identity Now
  • Configure SSO for Password policy
  • Password replay with app password
  • Password replay with directory password
  • Configure federation (SAML)

Module 4: Access Certification

  • Types of access certification
  • Certification Campaign
  • Access Review
  • Certification Items
  • Entitlements
  • Certification Process
  • Certification email templates
  • Campaign filters
  • Reports
  • Remediation

Module 5: Provisioning

  • Identity Now Processing
  • Basic Provisioning Terminologies
  • Building identity profiles
  • Correlation
  • Entitlements
  • Modeling Desired States
  • Life Cycle states
  • Role Based provisioning

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