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SAP Production Planning (PP) training provides a broad overview and explains how the complete production process is executed. PP is one of the main functional modules of ERP, comprised of several activities including demand management, planning orders, production of orders, capacity planning, and more. The participants will get a thorough understanding on another important component of PP i.e. Master data. This covers Bill Of Materials (BOMs), work scheduling data, work center, and routing. Attending SAP Production Planning course will expose you to learn with real-life examples.

Upon the completion of SAP Production Planning Training course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of ERP and SAP
  • Describe PP module and interrelate its operation with other modules of ERP
  • Elucidate the general flow of plan and planning cycle
  • Work with Master Data
  • Plan the orders and send for production
  • Determine capacity planning
  • Customize the plans and work process
Target audience
  • SAP users
  • SAP consultants
  • Production or Procurement Planners
  • Production or Procurement Incharge
  • Individuals interested in Production Planning functionality

Candidates with basic knowledge of SAP navigation can undergo SAP Production Planning (PP) Training.

1. ERP - Concept

  • Introduction.
  • Need
  • Role
  • Products Available

2. SAP - Concept

  • Introduction
  • Comparison with other products
  • Roles in ERP
  • Market trend

3. Introduction to PP Module

  • Inter-relation with other modules
  • Organization structure
  • Role & scope

4. PP Module

  • General flow of plan
  • Planning cycle

5. Master Data

  • Material Master
    • Views relevant to PP
    • MRP data’s
    • Work scheduling data’s
  • BOM
    • Creation, change & display
    • BOM evaluations
    • Different types of BOM
  •   Work Center
    • Creation, change & display
    • Capacity
    • Scheduling
    • Shift schedules
  • Routing
    • Introduction
    • Creation, change & display
    • Scheduling
    • Control keys

6. Demand Management

  • Requirement type
  • Creation, change & display

7. MRP

  • MRP types
  • MRP run
  • Processing types
  • Mps


  • Creation, change & display


  • Creation, change & display


  • Capacity evaluations
  • Available capacity
  • Requirements


12. ASAP

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