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Spotfire is a Business Intelligence platform and a software for the analytics that allows examining the data by using the analytical and statistical components. By joining the Spotfire Certification Training on Multisoft Systems, you can get the thorough knowledge of the topics such as Analytic Operations & Services, Representing Data Statically, Relations in the Data Table, Properties of a Column, Percentage Formatting and much more.

After completing the Spotfire Training, you will be able to understand the following topics:

  • Analytic operations and service
  • Working of Server
  • Row and Column loading
  • Visualization in Table
  • Access format
  • Percentage Formatting
  • Property control on visualization
  • Use of inbuilt functions of Action control
  • Information Links and Joins

Join the Spotfire training program to learn all the essential ways of getting a holistic view of your business.

Target Audience
  • Business Intelligence Enthusiasts
  • ETL Developers
  • SQL Developers,
  • Database Architects
  • Project Managers and Business Object Specialists

Getting started with Spotfire Components and various related Operations

  • Overview of Spotfire
  • Analytic operations and services
  • Business Components
  • Explaining Spotfire with a definition
  • Statistical capability
  • Statistical features
  • What is Hit map?
  • Define Mortality rate
  • Representing data statically
  • Tools for analysis
  • Various Spotfire Components
  • Understanding the concept and working of Web player
  • Working of Server
  • Data Insertion
  • Importing data from excel
  • Define Name row, Data row and Type row
  • Techniques of Visualization
  • Introduction to Dashboard
  • Working with Bar charts
  • Define Filters in Spotfire

2. Creating DataTable, Introduction to Data sources, Data access, Text Areas and Sharing and collaboration

  • Creating Data Table
  • Creating Data Table using files and Database
  • Data Table Behavioral Properties
  • Relations in data Table
  • Column Matching and Relations in Column
  • Extracting Single Data Date from multiple data sources
  • Row and Column loading
  • Filters and Settings in Data Table
  • Filter Schemas
  • Calculated Column Creation
  • Binned Column Creation
  • Hierarchy Column Creation

3. Operations in Data Visualization

  • Understanding Visualization
  • Properties of a Column
  • Column Selector
  • Trellis
  • ‘Color by’ property
  • Markers
  • Concept of Zoom Slider
  • Visualization in Table
  • Cross-table visualization
  • Working with Bar chart, Combination chart and Line chart

4. Advanced operations in Visualization, Multivariate Analysis

  • Sharing a visualization file
  • Data Importing
  • Creating a Tag
  • Creating a list
  • Error Bars
  • Access format
  • Data Labels
  • Concept of Color coding
  • Subsets
  • Summary Table
  • Pie chart
  • Tree Map
  • Scatter plot

5. Spotfire Server Overview, Advanced Chats

  • Understanding the Configuration
  • Using Spotfire Expression
  • Percentage Formatting
  • Labels
  • Expressions
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Schema
  • MySQL
  • Heat map
  • Dendograms
  • Line chart
  • Map chart

6. Visualization Property Control, Data Analysis including Data Organization, Various Analysis techniques

  • Analytics Framework
  • Scope of Spotfire professional
  • Visualization
  • Input filter
  • Order by priority
  • Property control on visualization
  • Color coding
  • Profit v/s Sale
  • Demonstration of property control
  • Creation of Action control
  • Use of inbuilt functions of Action control
  • Dynamic Items
  • Dashboards
  • Filter Schemas
  • Creation of filter
  • Box plot
  • Pareto chart
  • Combination chart

7. Administration in Spotfire

  • Installation components and Consoles
  • Working with information Designs
  • Information Links and Joins
  • Leaning about Personalized Information links
  • Web Player DXP Deployment
  • Library Administration
  • Authorization and Authentication

8. Project – IRON Python

  • Introduction to Iron Python
  • Advanced tools and operations in Iron Python
  • Creation of Data Forms
  • Creation of Collaboration platforms
  • Workflow Frameworks and their creation
  • Finding End-to-end solutions
  • Services of Automation

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