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Google AdWords is one of the most important channels of SEM, which helps in advertising the campaign on the Search Engine. The training provides proficiency on website SEO tactics as well as implementing the tricks and techniques of leveraging the PPC strategies for campaigning the company URL on each of the major PPC search engines. Moreover, Search engine marketing training enables Google AdWords, building paid advertising campaigns, tracking, and a lot more along with the understanding on Remarketing the brand on the internet and its benefits.

The Search Engine Marketing Certification Course throws light on:

  • Understanding what Search Engine Marketing is?
  • How to managing campaign performance
  • Understanding the Keyword bidding
  • How to deploy Google Analytics and implement the Webmaster tools
  • Knowledge of the advanced SEM concepts and implementing it efficiently
  • How to implement the SEM intelligence dealing with live projects and understand the requirements of the industry
Target audience
  • SEO, Project and SEM managers and executives
  • Candidates looking forward to make their career in digital marketing field and develop their understanding on implementation for making the URL rank better join the Search Engines.

The candidates should be aware of the basics of SEO, if they are planning to join Search Engine Marketing training course.

1. An Overview of the Google AdWords

  • An Introduction to the Inorganic Search results
    • Google AdWords and the PPC advertising
    • Microsoft Adventure (Bing and Yahoo)
    • How to set an Account in Google AdWords
    • Structure of An AdWords Account
    • Working with Campaigns
    • About the AdGroups
    • Keywords
    • Ads
  • Advertising Campaign Types
    • Display
    • Search
  • Shopping and Video
  • Comparison between Search and Display Campaign

2. About AdWords Algorithm

  • Understanding of how the AdWords rank Ads?
  • Description of AdWords Algorithm(Adrank)
  • The Quality score
  • Importance of the Quality Score
  • CTR
  • Importance of CTR
  • About Bids

3. The Search Campaign Creation

  • Search campaigns and its Types including Standard
  • Dynamic Search
  • All features and Product Listing Google Merchant Centre
  • How to create your very First Search Campaign
  • Campaign Settings
  • Know the Location Targeting and its Types
  • Bidding the Strategy (CPC)
  • Types of Bidding Strategy
  • Manual
  • Auto
  • Strategies for the Advanced Level Bidding
  • Enhance the CPC
  • CPA
  • Flexible Bid Strategy
  • Know the Advantages and disadvantages of Bid strategies
  • Learn About the Ad-extensions and its Types
  • Add Ad-extensions in Campaign
  • AdGroups Creation using tools
  • Keywords
  • Finding appropriate keywords
  • Add Keywords in AdGroup
  • Keyword Planner Tool
  • Different types of f Keywords-Boards
  • Exact
  • Phrase
  • Synonym negative
  • Know About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Keywords
  • Ads Creation
  • Ad metrics
  • Display the URL
  • Destination URL
  • How to Write an Ad Copy

4. Performance Tracking /Conversion

  • Understanding the use of Conversion Tracking
  • Way to set up the Conversion Tracking
  • Track Code in the website
  • Verifying Conversion statistics

5. The Search Campaign Optimization

  • Optimizing the campaigns through AdCopies
  • The CTR
  • Ways to increase the CTR
  • The Quality Score and how to increase it
  • Significance of Negative Keyword
  • Evaluating the Campaign statistics
  • Conversion Report in Optimization
  • Optimizing the Keywords
  • Ways to reduce OPC
  • Analyze the Performance of the competitors
  • Analyzing the performance of your competitors
  • Identify the Fraud Clicks

6. Display the Campaign Creation

  • About the Display Campaigns
  • The features and Mobile Application
  • How to Increase the engagement through Remarketing
  • Comparison between the Display and the Search Campaign Settings
  • Performing the campaign settings
  • Scheduling the Google Ad
  • Google Ad Delivery
  • Placement of the Ads
  • Creating various AdGroups
  • Using the display planner tool
  • Researching for the relevant websites for ads placement
  • Creating the text ads
  • Creating banner ads by using tools
  • Upload the banner ads

7. Display the Campaign Optimization

8. The Remarketing Techniques

  • Remarketing: an overview
  • What is a campaign setup?
  • The Remarketing List Creation
  • Creating the Advanced level Lists

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